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7 quick-fix ways to add some instant personality to your bathroom

Bring a flicker of flair and a shimmer of style into your space with the help of these simple ideas
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 06-02-2019 11:42am

1. Incorporate plants
Yes, we talk about plants a lot but that's because we - and by extension, probably you - love them. We're a nation of pot-plant worshippers; we might not all have the required green-fingered prowess to keep things actually, you know, alive but there are so many convincing fakes out there that it's not really an issue.

Bathroom, Bathrooms, Interior, Interiors, Scandinavian, Nordic, Pattern, Patterns, Leafy, Plants, Planters, Tiles, Chrome, Pink, Wood, Wooden, Light, Open, Modern
Inspiration by Bathroom Takeaway

Bringing plants into your bathroom is a great way to lift a space that's typically all-white (or at the very least, very-white); bursts of greenery will boost the mood, add some personality and also have the added bonus of helping to purify the air, too. 

stream, freestandingbath, hotelchic, bathroom, hotel, bath #green, acrylic, luxury, homeinteriors, watersbaths ,newbathroom
Inspiration by Waters Baths of Ashbourne

2. Reimagine your storage
Storage in the bathroom is a bit of an enigma. You want it, yes, but you don't necessarily want it; it's functional but it's rather clunky and a bit in-the-way unless you manage to master it succinctly. 

metro tiles, subway tiles, white, light, white grouting, metallic fittings, metallic sanitaryware, wood shelving, open shelves, niches, bathtub, green plants, potted plants, grey vanity, floating vanity, vanities, niche mirror, timber floor,
Inspiration by Ripples

The main issue with bathroom storage is that by its very nature it doesn't really tie together: shower products, for example, don't necessarily belong perched alongside pristine white towels. The secret is to work out exactly what you need and then, and only then, work out the smartest place(s) to put it. It needs to be accessible, of course, but do you want it to be concealed or visible? Are there any clever, seemingly unuseable spaces that can be reconfigured into smart storage? And so on. Give it thought and work it out. 

7 times a bathroom's look was completed by the towels

3. Bring in some colour
If you're feeling bold, bring a burst of colour to your bathroom - whether it's via a lick of paint on the walls, a cabinet getting upcycled or, perhaps, a carefully themed palette running through your accessories.

bathroom,colour,paint,painting,bright,colourful,blue,freestanding bath,tub,bathtub,chequered,black and white,flooring,shelf
Inspiration by Crown

Whilst the space above features a shocking splash of azure, the space below features a more subtle wave of colour, via hot pink details.

bathroom, tiles, shower, stainless steel, glass, toilet, chest of drawers, storage, drawers, black, tap, light, white, mirror
Inspiration by Homestyle

Another way to do it? A painted screen can make a quick addition to a space; unlike an accent wall, it can be moved if you tire of it, or wish to see it in a different space in your home. 

bathroom, bath, bathtub, blue, colourful, modern, water, colour contrast, mirrored, sliding door, luxury, casa son vida, master bathroom

The Kameha Zurich deluxe suite bathroom designed by Marcel Wanders

4. Add in some decorative details
Easy-to-install décor is a win-win way to bring some extra style to a bathroom. With the high street brimming over with trend-led pieces - lamps, vases, ornaments, candles, cushions and so on - it's never been easier to update your space quickly, simply and without breaking the bank in the process.

bathroom,maximalism,vibrant,colour,gold,blue,pink,freestanding,bath,accent wall,navy

Bathroom design by Maurizio Pellizzoni x Drummonds.

Trend-following not your thing? We hear you - instead, pick out a curated edit of decorative pieces that lift your spirits and the space alike. 

basin, sink, whitewash, wall, white wash, logs, vanity, wooden, wood, contemporary, scandi, Scandinavian, cottage, pink, blossom,

5. Reconsider the lighting
Dead bulb? Replace it. No lampshade? Rectify it. Thoroughly bored with the lighting situation as a whole? Consider how you can light it up in a new way. 

Inspiration by Frontline Bathrooms

6. Hang up your artwork
If you own a collection of prints that have yet to make it out of the wrapping you purchased them in, now's the time to strike!

Inspiration by Waters Baths of Ashbourne

Dedicate an afternoon to framing your beautiful artwork - just be careful of cutting your fingers (as we all know, papercuts are the worst).

,haze, freestandingbath, black, bathroom, boho, bath, green, square, resin, luxury, homeinteriors, newbathroom, stonebath, interordesign, bathroominspiration
Inspiration by Waters Baths of Ashbourne

7. Give thought to your soft furnishings
If your bathroom already boasts seating, give it a refresh (add cushions or a throw, for example); if your bathroom doesn't already have seating, consider adding it in. 

Bathroom,tiles,bathtub,shaker,minimalistic,traditional,armchair,industrial tiles,curvaceous,opus

From a chaise longue by the side of your bath to a snug armchair made for curling up in with a face mask, seating adds a certain undeniable decadence to a space.

Farrow & Ball,bathroom,paint,seating,bath,navy,tiles

Inspiration by Farrow & Ball

A silky foot stool can also make for a relaxing, decadent way to unwind in your soak-space. Pick one in your favourite colour for extra cool points.

Devon&Devon,bespoke,custom-made,luxury bathroom,classic contempory,classic contemporary bathroom,marble bathroom,Italian design,Italian style,bespoke cabinetry,painted cabinetry,dressing table,white bathroom,Tailored Range,panelling,grey,gray,mustard seat
Inspiration by Devon&Devon

NEXT! Want to add a touch of marble to your bathroom? Get inspired with our creative moodboard of ideas - click any image below to begin.

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Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne is a writer, editor and filter fan (coffee, not Instagram), and lives in a Georgian-built flat that features various statement cobwebs.

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