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Trend watch: four need-to-know ideas you should consider for your kitchen

Keep your cook-space one step ahead with these on-point redesign ideas
   Becci Pell  |  written on: 05-02-2019 12:00pm

When you're looking to update your kitchen, it’s important to keep abreast of the latest styles and innovations that the kitchen industry has to offer.

Browse 1,000s of inspiring ideas for your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom redesign

To give you a helping hand, we’ve spoken to kitchen experts to get their valuable insights into the styles, materials and fixtures that you need to know about this year.

1. Style it up
Trending colours Earthy, neutral colours have already cemented their place as a design staple, but this year will see the trend heading into a bold, new direction with the introduction of units in natural clay colours.

kitchen, Mandarin Stone, marble splashback, grey, blue, contemporary, wooden, dark kitchen, herringbone,

Credit: Mandarin Stone

Dramatic dark blues and greens are also set to stay at the top of consumers’ wish lists but with a new contrast companion; mixed metal. Fay Branch, of Kingsey Kitchens, explains: "Painted Shaker is still very popular but the latest colour schemes reflect bolder, more contemporary looks".

Be mindful Minimalism may be nothing new, but 2019 sees this classic trend underpinned by a whole new philosophy: mindfulness. While minimalism puts the emphasis purely on decluttering, mindful interiors are based on the idea that everything in a room should have purpose, or, in the words of world-renowned tidying guru Marie Kondo, 'spark joy'.

Dekton,ultra-compact surface,composite surface,composite,kitchen,design,Cosentino,marble,natural stone,luxury,minimalist
Inspiration by Cosentino

This increasingly popular trend is a personal favourite of Nikhita Sejpal of AluSplash, who explains: "(The trend) is about decluttering your space, gathering the most essential and necessary elements, and ensuring the permanent materials in the space are the showstoppers".

Kitchen design detail: concrete surfaces

Embrace the smart home Incorporating smart tech into the home in an aesthetically pleasing way will be a major consideration for designers this year. Smart tech continues to break into the mainstream, making life more economical, integrated and sustainable, and this year will see an increase in consumers demanding concealed, integrated solutions, to ensure they can benefit from the latest innovations without their chosen aesthetic being disrupted.

technology,fire place,minimalist,modern,chair,comfortable,white,warmth

Peter Baxter of Accuride International Ltd explains: "We expect this desire for comfort combined with clear and neat design will drive appliances to become more hidden, such as coffee machines and toasters being integrated or stored away".

Expert's corner: what to expect from smart-tech in 2019

2. The storage revibe
Go sleek
The open plan look, which naturally works best when combined with an uncluttered aesthetic, remains enduringly popular. This is leading to increased demand for clever storage which keeps items behind closed doors, creating a sleek and sophisticated look- a trend which looks set to continue in 2019.

Kitchen,design,surface,materials,colour,pattern,natural,worktop,island,diner,breakfast,bar,home.,storage,drawers,induction hob,pendant lighting

Fay tells us, "we’re being asked to incorporate more internal storage solutions, such as baking cupboards and corner larders". Emma Mcloughlin of Regal Kitchens adds: "More thought is being put on internal mechanisms for storage solutions as it’s important that the working space remains clutter-free".

5 quick-fix ways to declutter your kitchen in under an hour

Get organised When it comes to a super-organised kitchen, David Shoebridge of Grass UK tells us how clever drawer storage is the answer: "Without the correct inserts, a drawer can seem like an empty box. However, with innovative storage solutions, such as the Tavinea system, it’s easy to organise utensils and maximise the space".

3. Material matters
Stainless steel As cooking shows grow in popularity and homeowners increasingly opt for entertaining at home, the demand for kitchens that recreate a professional style continues to grow. Nikhita explains: "Stainless steel seems to have made a comeback and still remains the bestseller in appliances. This look can be softened and made more appealing by pairing the steel with lighter woods, marble, or neutral colours".

scandinavian,minimalist,black and white,black & white,white,flooring,modern,industrial,monochrome,light,extractor,metallic,stainless steel,island,

Mix and match This mix-and-match of materials is going to be a huge trend in itself for 2019. Edgy surfaces, like bold wood grain or concrete-effect, will match with matte kitchen units to create a highly-desirable contrasting finish. Nikhita says: "with the trend for minimalism embodying a tranquil philosophy, the use of natural materials and simplicity in patterns, lighting and colours is the perfect combination".

4. Finish it off Globally, homeowners are demanding more individual styles to make their kitchens as unique as their personalities – and the industry is responding by offering an ever-increasing array of finishes for cabinetry, appliances, brassware and more. Tony Wilson of GROHE explains how this trend is being reflected in the taps market: "(A tap’s finish) can affect whether a product looks contemporary or traditional in design. Chrome is still a popular choice, but fashion-inspired finishes, such as copper, brass and rose gold, are also hugely in demand".

Kitchen,  brass, taps, marble worktop

This year we’ll see suppliers respond by introducing even more new additions, in contemporary metallic finishes, to their collections. Alongside GROHE, Smeg will also be launching a stunning range of brass taps and sinks. Lucy King of Smeg tell us: "This will be perfect for adding an extra design element to a kitchen scheme".

NEXT! Ever considered adding a stretch of exposed brick into your kitchen? If not, now's the time - get inspired with our moodboard of ideas below...

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Becci Pell

Becci is the Marketing Communications Manager at Häfele UK and has been with the company for three years. Häfele is an internationally-trusted specialist in innovative furniture fittings, accessories, ironmongery and hardware. Committed to excellence, the company is recognised for the quality of its product and expertise in the industry and has a range of over 25,000 products. Häfele believes that the perfect kitchen is about creating a space that perfectly combines style with function, and is tailor made to suit you and your lifestyle. This philosophy is beautifully showcased via Ideas for Living, where homeowners looking for kitchen inspiration can find beautiful solutions and discover more about how function and innovation can make the kitchen work around their lifestyle.

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