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The KBB Ark edit: fresh new ways to arrange plants in your kitchen

Display your gorgeous greenery in a variety of creative ways with these ideas...
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 04-02-2019 17:00pm

1. Raise it up! 
If you don't have a huge amount of work surface space in your kitchen or dining space, hanging your plants could make for a stylish and simple solution. In the space shown below, for example, suspended plants hang beautifully in front of a well-framed gallery wall; the resulting space is the perfect blend of curated and bohemian. 

kitchen,dining table,chairs,skylight,natural,table

Of course, you don't have to hang them per se; rather, as per this space, you could simply position them on an up-high shelf. 

Kitchen, display, island, modern, scandinavian, oven, worktop, open storage, AlnoStruct design, Alno, Old Oak, botanical

2. Adorn your window sills
If you've got deep sills, add extra interest to them by layering up pots of fresh herbs and your favourite scented candles.

Inspiration by Diane Berry Kitchens

Whether you opt for a minimal display of two or three plants or an over-flowing array of frothy greenery, it's a simple yet effective way to add extra character to your cook-space.

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3. Opt for a high-low approach
Keep the interest flowing throughout your cook-space by displaying your plants both high-up and low-down, as demonstrated in the space below...

mint green, copper, shiny, industrial, Utensils, accessories and cutlery, copper, kitchen, island, contemporary, wood, green, industrial, metallic, metal, metro tiles, subway tiles, black grout,

Credit: Lind & Cumings Design Photography and Barbara Corsico

You don't need to hang them; as shown in this space, high shelving and low surfaces can make for a perfectly stylish combination. Same goes for lighting, really; smaller table lamps can be smarty paired with intricate high-hanging light fittings. 

modern,golden,gold,HydroTap,Zip Water,Zip Water UK,marble,white,plants,open shelves,flat,classic,contemporary
Inspiration by ZipWaterUK

4. Shelve it!
If your kitchen has an empty shelf or two, consider turning them into a micro greenhouse by creating gorgeous rows of potted plants. 

Kitchen,brass taps,sebastian cox,deVOL,natural materials,copper,marble,hard wood,plants,sink,tap

For extra interest - and to avoid greenery overload - combine your plants with other decorative details; think crockery, small framed prints and other ornaments.

kitchen, cupboards, green, natural, white woodwork, shelving, timber, british standard, colour contrast, jungle, plants, open storage, shelving, wood worktops

Bourne & Hollingsworth kitchen by British Standard

5. Think upwards
We love this idea! Shallow shelving that follows the height of the cupboard it's next to adds a stylish, curated finish to this sleek cook-space.

Inspiration by BERLONI

Again, containers of fresh herbs have a dual functionality; not only do they smell great but they could also be useful for cooking, too. Win-win, no?

Kitchen styling: artwork in the cook-space

6. Colour-match containers
Another simple way to stylishly include plants in your kitchen? Place them in pots that match the details in your cook-space.

modern,golden,gold,HydroTap,Zip Water,Zip Water UK,marble,white,plants,open shelves,flat,classic,contemporary
Inspiration by ZipWaterUK

In the kitchen shown above, for example, the metallic glamour of the brassware is perfectly reflected in the shimmering containers. 

Top image: kitchen by Matrix Kitchens; photos by Gavin Smith.

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