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5 quick-fix ways to declutter your kitchen in under an hour

Got 60 minutes to spare? Use them to transform your cook-space... Now!
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 04-02-2019 14:00pm

1. Sort through your cupboards 
Have a crockery census: what do you have? What needs chucking? What needs replacing? Apply the same process to your cutlery drawer, and your utensils. 

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You don't need to be Kondo-style brutal (after all: there aren't many plates that spark joy, per se) necessarily but you do need to be practical: after all, there's no point hanging onto chipped china or a half-melted spatula, is there?

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2. Chuck out past-its-best food
We're talking tins that expired, oh, six months ago; dried up boxes of muesli that have been opened once and then discarded; the freezer items that have been chilling forever... Get rid of them all. You'll free up cupboard space, and it will also help you see what you need to pick up in your next shopping trip. 

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Alternatively: if you have cupboard staples that are still edible but that you know you'll never eat, bag them up and take them to your local Food Bank.

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3. Give everything a clean
From the windows to the floor - via the oven and the worktops - an hour is ample time for you to sweep, mop and scrub the various surfaces in your kitchen. 

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Inspiration by Solidity Ltd

4. Venture under the sink
If your sink has a cupboard full of who-knows-what, spend an hour sorting it out. Bin any non-essentials, order your cleaning products and generally give it a bit of a tidy-up.

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5. Put away all the 'stuff'
From socks on the radiator to the unopened post that's been sitting by the toaster for a fortnight, now's the time to get it sorted! 

Main image via The Wood Works.

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