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The KBB Ark edit: 7 times a bathroom was perfectly completed by towels

No, really - sometimes it's the smallest details that can make the biggest difference!
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 04-02-2019 11:37am

1. When the towels created a vibrant colour-contrast
In this bathroom, a maximalist printed wallpaper provides the perfect eccentric backdrop for bright towels in block colours. (Which in turn are pleasingly layered against that warm metallic ladder, which sits atop geometrically patterned tiles. Fabulous!)

bathroom, radiator, towel rack, tiles, eclectic, floor tiling, artwork, wall tiles, blue, wallpaper,
Inspiration by Homestyle

Key to this look is the fact the walls are so vividly patterned, whilst the towel is a resolutely one-tone shade. If the towel had even a hint of decoration, the space would lose that carefully styled finish and instead look a little chaotic and clustered. We know: it's a fickle thing, this towel selection business. 

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2. When the towels matched the other accessories
In this bathroom, a photographic wallpaper provides the perfect contrast to the buttery-bright yellow of the towels and the mirror.

grey, monochrome, yellow, white, basin, washbasin, towel rack, artwork, wallpaper
Inspiration by Homestyle

Flowing the vibrant sunshine shade through the bathroom creates a charmingly cohesive appearance within the space, and also helps to brighten up the overall look, too. 

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3. When the colour scheme kept it perfectly cool
A soft grey stone effect runs through this bathroom, with that upwards shelving display perfect for keeping towels neatly stored and yet easily accessible, too. 

string,string shelving,bathroom,
Inspiration by string

Likewise, in this bathroom, upwards shelving once again acts as both storage and a design detail; in this instance, it also zones the space, as well, acting as a buffer between the sink and the bath. 

Inspiration by Valspar Paint

4. When the towels perfectly matched the walls
Pink and blue on the walls calls for pink and blue towels, naturally! 

colourful, blue, turquoise, pink, bath, bathroom, shower curtains, showr, storage, towels, cabinetry
Inspiration by Homestyle

In this co-ordinated bathroom, every detail has been carefully chosen to tie in with the rich azure and pink palette, from the picture frames to the bath surround. (And even the bathing products displayed on the bath rack are included within that. Dedication, no?)

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5. When the towels added a splash of much-needed colour
Whilst mustard yellow might not be the most obvious shade of choice in a bathroom, an unlikely colour can actually be perfect for breathing fresh life into a soak-space. 


In this particular bathroom, pale wood, grey stone and chunky white tiles are effortlessly warmed up with the addition of jewel-bright towels.

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6. When the towels tied a theme together
In this bathroom, simple white towels perfectly match with the curtains and floor mat, with the towels nestled neatly within that dove-grey dresser. 

Shutters, monochrome, bathroom, cabinetry, curtains, basket, tiles
Inspiration by Shutterly Fabulous

7. When the towels perfectly enhanced the lazy decadence of the bathroom
A tub like this is positively made for relaxing in, no? The mish-mash pile of towels, in a variety of colours and materials, serves to add to the lazy-luxe feel that permeates through the space.

bath,bathroom,luxe,luxury,beaten metal,bathtub,tub,fire place,rough,mirror,rustic,wooden flooring,herringbone,linen,ready,tin bath,rough luxe,Egyptian cotton towels,hand towel,Bath mat,bath robe,Soak & Sleep,mantel

The cosy robe hanging on the wall, the flickering pillar candle and the warm blaze in the fireplace all tie together to create a space as inviting as it is stylish.

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NEXT! Want to add a golden touch to your bathroom? Get inspired with our moodboard of inspiring ideas - click any image below to begin.

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