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How to cleverly pack more storage in to your bathroom

Beef up your storage with these four essentials…
   Holly Aspinall  |  written on: 01-02-2019 14:00pm

They say a tidy house equates to a tidy mind but how do you keep one of the busiest rooms in the home – the bathroom – clutter-free and organised?

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In a room which often lacks essential space, it’s important to maximise the space that is available with effective storage solutions. Here are some clever ideas and smart solutions that not only boost your bathroom’s style-factor, but incorporate that all-important storage.

Storage solution #1: Versatile vanity units
The focal point of many bathrooms, a vanity unit is one of the easiest ways to incorporate stylish yet essential storage. Whether it’s a cloak room, ensuite, or family bathroom, the vanity unit places those everyday essentials right at your fingertips whilst seamlessly adding to your suite’s design.

storage,bathroom,cupboard,furniture,storage solutions,drawers,cabinets,sensory space,wellbeing,mindfulness,dark
Inspiration by Geberit

The Geberit Acanto range, for example, has been designed with the user in mind following extensive research into what items are used on a daily basis, with each compartment and drawer created especially to house everything from toiletries and towels, to electricals and cleaning products.

storage,bathroom,cupboard,furniture,storage solutions,drawers,cabinets,sensory space,wellbeing,mindfulness,dark,handleless,grey,monochrome
Inspiration by Geberit

Tip: Opt for a compact unit for smaller rooms, or if space allows, invest in a double basin unit for shared bathrooms, not only providing twice the storage space, but also allowing busy families to use the bathroom at the same time.

Storage solution #2: Clever cabinets
Streamlined, slim solutions are a smart way to squeeze in additional storage in bathrooms where space is at a premium. With many tall units now wall-mounted, cabinets can be easily incorporated into any bathroom design, providing ample shelving for all of those every day essentials. What’s more, its floating design creates the illusion of a larger space, opening up the bathroom as well as de-cluttering.

storage,bathroom,cupboard,furniture,storage solutions,drawers,cabinets,sensory space,wellbeing,mindfulness,beige,3d flooring,cube
Inspiration by Geberit

The Citterio bathroom collection, which is available in a choice of oak with stylish glass finishes, even includes a tall shelving unit with full-length dressing mirror, delivering on design without compromising functionality. 

Storage solution #3: Multifunctional mirrors
A mirror is an essential addition to any bathroom, but why choose a standard mirror when you could integrate additional storage with a built-in cabinet? Not only will this provide discreet space to house toiletries, but many mirror cabinets now come equipped with a host of features.

storage,bathroom,cupboard,furniture,storage solutions,drawers,cabinets,sensory space,wellbeing,mindfulness,mirror
Inspiration by Geberit

Geberit’s Acanto mirror cabinet provides the ultimate beauty centre, complete with interior shelving for all of your pampering products, plus a magnifying mirror and LED lighting. Additionally, the cabinet even features an interior power outlet and integrated USB port, enabling connectivity in every room of the home.

Storage solution #4: Floating finishing touches
When floor space is limited, think horizontal. Floating shelves provide the perfect place to store bathroom necessities and those finishing touches, whether it’s a plant or candle, creating both order and style.

storage,bathroom,cupboard,furniture,storage solutions,drawers,cabinets,sensory space,wellbeing,mindfulness,shelving,modern
Inspiration by Geberit

Geberit’s iCon range offers a sturdy and durable solution available in a wide range of sizes, suitable for all spaces. Similarly, wall-mounted boards make clever use of unused wall space, like the Acanto magnetic board, with storage trays and brackets to be attached precisely where cosmetics are needed, so from your toothbrush to soap, everything is within easy reaching distance.

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