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5 things to remember when designing a child's bedroom

Create a space as unique as your child with the help of these tips from Phil Marsh, Director of Hudel Living
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 31-01-2019 17:00pm

When planning a room upgrade there is a tendency to go straight to product selection.

Browse 1,000s of inspiring ideas for a bedroom redesign

After all, it can provide a quick-fix solution and there are endless ranges out there to get excited about. But what if we gave it a bit more thought...?

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With that in mind, put the shopping basket on hold and instead draw-up a room plan and set your budget, build your KBB Ark moodboards and try working through some of these tips...

1. List the current issues
What issues are you trying to address? Draw up a list to help you focus on the factors and details that will be key to the redesign - for example...

- Whose room is it? How have their personlity, interests and so on developed since the last time the bedroom was decorated?
- Products: have they been out-grown or are they out-dated? What needs replacing?
- The design: does the layout make sense? Is there as much storage as you'd like?

Inspiration by Hudel Living

2. Prioritise the space needs
What does the bedroom need? Other than the obvious - a bed, storage and so on - consider how your child uses, or will use, the space.

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Will they need it for homework, or for playing games, or for relaxing? Working through each of these necessities will help you understand any priorities and compromises that might need to be made.

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Inspiration by William Garvey

3. Let personality shine through
Considering your child's personality is key to creating a space that matches who they are as a person. For example: are they introverted or extroverted? Would their personality best suit a fiery red on the walls, a cool blue, a sunshine yellow or perhaps an earth-y green? 

Inspiration by Hudel Living

Everything from how the space is laid-out to the choice of room colour will have a knock-on impact on the environment you're creating for your child.

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4. What flexibility is needed?
Does the layout need to be flexible to allow for different activities. Does the product need to be able to grow with your child? Do you want your child to be able to customise the space and products to suit their needs and interests?

Teddy Edwards,bedroom,children's bedroom
Inspiration by Teddy Edwards

Flexibility is often overlooked either because standard products do not allow or custom products are expensive. But if you can build this into the initial thinking there may be a way of customising layouts and products which support future changes.

4 things to remember when designing a child's bedroom

5. Don’t forget the accessories!
From technology through to soft furnishings and décor, make sure you list any finishing touches at the very beginning of your project, ideally when you're still at the theme-building stage, so they can be planned into layouts and product selection.

Inspiration by Hudel Living

Find out more about Hudel Living here

NEXT! Fancy browsing more ideas for a child's bedroom? Get inspired with our moodboard: click any image below to begin.

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