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The KBB Ark edit: stylish seating ideas for your kitchen

Beyond the traditional table and chairs, what other ways can you take a seat in your cook-space...?
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 01-02-2022 09:00am

1. Pick a seat with a view
Whether it's a built-in seat or just a cleverly positioned chaise longue or armchair, a bare window is the perfect place to position a chair - we're swooning over this exquisitely styled monochrome space...

modern,industrial,kitchen,interior design,interior architecture,kitchen design,marble,monochrome,banquette,window seat,bay window,kitchen dining
Inspiration by Roselind Wilson Design

Even something as simple as cushions put on top of storage in the guise of a window seat can make for a simple yet effective option.

matt lacquer kitchen,small kitchen design,unique splashback,window seating,open plan kitchen with island,purple,taupe,seating,high gloss,handleless,overhead storage,window
Inspiration by LWK Kitchens

Naturally, it's even better if your window seat overlooks a beautiful vista, whether it's a fairy-lit patio or acres of rolling green hills in the distance... 

kitchen,rustic,light,wood,bar chairs,island,pendant lighting,breakfast bar,wooden floor,beams,storage,comfort,day bed,bar stools,exposed beams,seat storage,

2. Opt for some retro dining style
Bring some Grease-inspired charm to your dining area by opting for a retro curved breakfast bar. Ideal more so for couples than large families, it makes eating a true treat, offering intimacy as diners sit next to, rather than opposite, each other. 

seating,seats,pink,island,diner,tap,sink,original,john lewis of hungerford

3. Treat yourself to a touch of luxury
A silky chair is perfect for adding a twist of decadence to your cook-space - even more so if it means you can take a well-deserved seat during the cooking! 

Traditional, Country, island, light, granite worktop, living room, spacious, kitchen, thunder white, granite worktop, storage, tap, red, colour contrasts, sofa, seat,

4. Put it in the corner
A well-positioned corner seat - whether a slouchy chair or a cushion-topped settee - can make for a sociable cooking experience, offering guests a close proximity to the cook. Or in the case of this dreamy space, the bar...

kitchen,lighting,blue,metallic worktop,bar,shelving,sofa,storage,wooden flooring
Inspiration by Mark Taylor Design

It can also act as a neat way to break-up a space; in the kitchen below, for example, the seat acts as a half-way point between the cooking and dining areas.

bespoke,kitchen,kitchens,kitchen/diner,island,wood,woodwork,open plan,walnut,shaker,granite,beam,sofa,drawers,cabinetry
Inspiration by Searle & Taylor

5. Have an (open!) plan
If you have a large open-plan kitchen-diner, make sure you position any seating in the most logical space, in order to include the cook in the conversation. 

kitchen,glossy flooring,island,bookshelf,sofa,living room,quartz worktop
Inspiration by Diane Berry Kitchens

6. Build it in
Follow the lead of this kitchen by opting for a seating area that's built into the back of your island. As well as offering a very clever utilization of space, it also just looks great, too, with the red seating popping pleasingly against the grey of the island. 

kitchen diner, large kitchen, kitchen island, banquette seating, grey kitchen, shaker style, bespoke, breakfast cupboard, handmade,
Inspiration by Davonport

7. Bench it!
For an al fresco feel in your dining space, opt for a table that looks as if it could weather an outdoor climate, too. This chunky wooden bench fits the brief perfectly, with colourful cushions adding a charming, whimsical finish to its industrial styling. 

contemporary, dinner, dining, table, chairs, seat, wood, wooden, light, lighting, rustic, grey kitchen, bench, cushions, Hunston, fixed top, pedestal table, upholstered, Kipling dining chairs, Barker & Stonehouse

NEXT! Want some smart ideas to make a small kitchen feel a little bit bigger? Get inspired with our moodboard of inspirations - click any image below to begin browsing...

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