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The KBB Ark edit: 7 smart storage ideas for a child's bedroom

Whether it's tidying away toys or keeping clothes in order, make it a breeze with these ideas
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 23-05-2019 09:00am

1. Cosy and clever
As well as offering a super-cosy cubbyhole, perfect for cuddling up in with a book, this clever design combines comfort with practicality; that's a cupboard on the left, after all, meaning there's plenty of space for shelving and hanging. 

Teddy Edwards,bedrooms
Inspiration by Teddy Edwards

2. Perfectly built-in
This carefully constructed design combines shelving and cupboards with a clever concealed second bed - perfect for sleepovers.

bedroom,children,bright,yellow,modern,qbattistella,seperate,wardrobe,wilson bedsde table,luce desk,cushion,go modern,contemporary,minimalist,System 18 wardrobe,Small Wilson,bedside table,Luce desk,Marì chair,rug,white,

3. Stairway to interiors 
Storage, seating, stairs... And even a sofa! Combining, quite effortlessly, all the best S's of interior design, this bedroom is as fun as it is functional, offering distinctly different zones for reading, relaxing and playing.

Bedroom furniture for children,children's bedroom furniture,blue,kid's,children,child
Inspiration by Go Modern

4. Think inside the box
Simple box-style storage is a no-fuss way to keep paper, pens and small toys tucked out of sight when not in use. 

shutters,children's playroom,nursery,kids room,toys,toy storage
Inspiration by VORBILD Architecture

5. On the wall
Whether you have a smaller or larger space to work with, open-front box storage makes a great addition to walls; we love the space below, where a coloured interior adds extra interest to each compartment. 

Teddy Edwards,bedrooms,childrens bedrooms
Inspiration by Teddy Edwards

6. A decorative display
That said, open-front storage can work perfectly on the floor, too. For smaller occupants, keep delicate or fragile items out of reach. 

crown,crownpaints,nursery,children'sbedroom,bedroom,kids,interiors,open storage,storage
Inspiration by Crown

7. Go high!
Concealed storage is a great way to keep things out-of-sight and out-of-mind - and if it's positioned mid-way up the wall, you'll be afforded extra floor space. Bargain! 

Bedroom furniture for children,children's bedroom furniture,green,study,kid's bedroom
Inspiration by Go Modern

NEXT! Want more ideas for a little one's bedroom? Get inspired with this moodboard of ideas - click any image below to begin browsing.

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