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6 of the smartest storage options to consider for your bathroom

Put it away once and for all with these simple ideas for mastering storage in your soak-space
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 12-02-2019 09:00am

1. Mix-and-match
Play around with different types of storage (think concealed shelving, visible boxes, shelves up-high and so on) in order to match the various requirements your space needs to meet. 

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For example: you might need somewhere to store your favourite pamper products, or somewhere to keep your towels stored neatly out the way, or an easy-reach place to keep the kids' bath toys tucked out of sight...

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2. Multi-function seating
For some spa-style relaxation, why not consider incorporating bench-style seating that can also double-up as a handy place to keep towels neatly stowed away. 

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Alternatively, a photogenic hamper can make a simple yet effective addition to your bathroom, looking great and also offering an easy-access place to store towels or products.

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3. Island style
Thought the island was purely for the kitchen? Think again! Incorporating an island into your bathroom will instantly up your storage options.

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As per this space, you can also use the island to create a visually pleasing display of 'stuff' on the top, too; here, for example, fresh plants add a little greenery to an otherwise minimalist and delightfully neutral space. 

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4. Fold it out
Cabinetry that can offer clever open-out storage makes for a smart option in a smaller powder room, allowing you to store more yet take up less space. (We know. Minds blown.)

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Credit: La Fonction

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5. Behind the tub
For the 'bits' you don't need to access too often - for example, cleaning products, say - consider keeping them out-of-sight, out-of-mind by installing a storage solution (a cabinet, for example) that can neatly conceal them with minimal fuss or bother. 

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Inspiration by Homestyle

6. Work upwards
For a simple storage solution that can work wonders in a smaller space, consider designing your storage up. This will free up flooring space in your bathroom, helping to create the illusion of more room.

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NEXT! Want some inspiration for adding a decorative flourish to your bathroom? Click any image below to begin browsing our moodboard of ideas...

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