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Expert's corner: five ways to add value to your home, instantly

Interior designer Roselind Wilson talks us through her ideas for bumping up the value of your property
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 09-11-2018 09:00am

So: do you move or improve?

Browse 1,000s of inspiring ideas for your next kitchen, bathroom or bedroom project

It's the age-old quandary faced by home owners across the country. With stamp duty at an all-time high and the property market proving ever unpredictable (to say the least), the argument for staying put and improving your home rather than looking for somewhere new is appealing.

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Naturally, with that in mind - and if you do decide to invest in your home - it’s important to make the right choices in order to create an update that's as stylish as it is value-adding.

interior design,interiors,architecture,mews house,luxury,contemporary
Inspiration by Roselind Wilson Design

"It’s important to think very carefully about any renovations you intend to carry out," Roselind Wilson, owner and Creative Director of Roselind Wilson Design, tells KBB Ark. "If you get it right - reflecting the latest interiors trends while creating a timeless look - you can revive your space and add serious value to your home."

It might sound like a tricky balance to strike but fear not - it's actually a lot more doable than you might initially think. But where to begin? Read on for Roselind's simple tips and advice for getting the ball rolling...

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1. Improve your bathroom
Whilst some might argue the kitchen should be the focus of overhaul plans, a remodelled bathroom could actually prove a money-maker. Opt for bold colours, unusual materials and an emphasis on luxe functionality to really feel the benefit.

contemporary,industrial,bathroom,interior design,bathroom design,luxury bathroom,natural stone,interior achitecture
Inspiration by Roselind Wilson Design

"Using natural materials and textured finishes can completely transform a traditional bathroom into a cool, contemporary space radiating elegance and luxury," says Roselind. "To create a finish with real character, delve into the dominant trends for statement wallpaper, bold sconces, graphic tiles and matt black fixtures to add drama and sophistication."

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2. Update your kitchen
Traditionally speaking, the kitchen is the heart of the home - so treat it as such by giving it a carefully-planned update. Reflecting the latest trends for stone finishes, clean lines and dark tones is a sure-fire way to create a new look which will make a real statement, whilst also appealing to potential future buyers.

luxury,interior design,interiors,interior architecture,london,apartment,pied-a-terre
Inspiration by Roselind Wilson Design

"Increasingly, the kitchen is about much more than just cooking and eating," explains Roselind. "Our clients often want to create a space which they can really cherish and enjoy, because they know they’re going to be spending a lot of time in this space, socialising and hanging out as well as preparing meals."

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3. Create an extension or a loft conversion
A loft conversion can provide the perfect opportunity to add value to your home, offering the chance to introduce and additional bedroom, bathroom, home office, child's play room... Have the space to do it? Now's the time to start planning!

interior design,interiors,architecture,mews house,luxury,contemporary
Inspiration by Roselind Wilson Design

If your space is downstairs rather than up, consider an orangery. "An orangery is a win-win solution providing a sense of the outdoors with the advantage of it becoming an additional room within the home," reveals Roselind. "Like any other kind of extension, it adds to the square footage of your home which will increase its value. But the advantage of an orangery over a conservatory is that its structure incorporates more brickwork which gives increased privacy as well as providing improved insulation."

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4. Focus on lighting
From wall lights to drop pendant clusters, the way lighting is used in a space has the ability to completely transform a room. Accent lighting, in particular, can be used to create drama, add character and even highlight elements such as artwork or the striking architectural features of a room.

modern,industrial,kitchen,interior design,interior architecture,kitchen design,marble,monochrome,banquette,window seat,bay window,kitchen dining
Inspiration by Roselind Wilson Design

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5. Repurpose a room
Finally! Another great way to invest in the future of your property is by repurposing a room. The creation of an additional bathroom or ensuite is an effective and relatively inexpensive way of increasing your home's value while at the same time adding a fresh injection of luxury to the space.

modern,industrial,kitchen,interior design,interior architecture,kitchen design,marble,monochrome,banquette,window seat,bay window,kitchen dining
Inspiration by Roselind Wilson Design

NEXT! Want to make the most of awkward spaces in your kitchen layout? Click any image below to begin browsing our moodboard of ideas...

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