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Must-Haves: Bathtubs

Buying a bath is a big investment, so make sure you get the one that’s just right for you
   EKBB Magazine  |  written on: 04-09-2021 18:20pm

We are still a nation of bath lovers and really, there is nothing better than sinking into a warm tub brimming with bubbles. The only problem you’ll have these days is which design, style and size of bath to choose from, be it an elegant, freestanding roll-top or a neat, discreet, built-in model that fits snugly along one wall. You may want to choose a bath that co-ordinates with the rest of your bathroom suite or go for a daring, mix-and-match statement piece. Whichever bath you plump for, it will be the largest item and, in terms of planning your bathroom layout, should always be positioned first.

1. The freestanding Squaro bath is made from Quaryl composite and wrapped in a luxurious panel of polished wood. Priced at £18,000

Squaro bath, Credit: Villeroy & Boch

2. Go bold in the bathroom by personalising the exterior of your bath in a bright hue. The cast resin Adamsez Calabar bath from Ripples has been painted in Charlotte’s Locks by Farrow & Ball, but you can choose from any RAL colour to suit your scheme. Priced at £3,145

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Cast resin Adamsez Calaber bath, Credit: Ripples

3. The EX-T freestanding bath is made from Living Tec composite and sits in a slim back metal frame. Priced at £6,334

The EX-T Freestanding bath, Credit: C.P. Hart, Living Tec

4. The Rockwell is a reproduction of an antique bath with a modern twist. It is made from Vitrite (a stone and mineral composite) and comes with a choice of 1950s-inspired coloured feet and matching crosshead taps. Priced at £5,880 

Rockwell bath, Credit: The Water Monopoly

5. With an enamel surface inside and a battleship grey exterior with rivet detail, the Brunel cast iron bath creates a country vintage vibe. The surface can be painted in any colour. Priced £3,100

Brunel cast iron bath, Credit: Aston Matthews

6. This solid cast iron bath has been built in to a hand-painted, walnut surround with a luxurious marble top and splashback. It is part of the Alchemy collection with full bathrooms starting at £17,000

Alchemy collection, Credit: Smallbone of Devizes

7. Avid readers will adore the KellyBook bath which features a neat row of wood or lacquered shelves set into the side of the bath. Prices start from £7,585

KellyBook bath, Credit: Alternative Bathrooms

8. Made of enamelled steel, the BetteLux Oval Highline is semirecessed so half of the bath is built into a plinth. Prices start at £5,367

BetteLux Oval Highline, Credit: Bette

9. The Faraway Vis-à-vis freestanding bath is made from Cristalplant® (a resin and mineral composite). Priced at £5,700

Faraway Vis-á-Vis bath; Credit: Zuchetti

Credit: Lara Sargent (Words)
Published: As featured in EKBB Magazine, Issue 239, March 2016. Prices mentioned are at the time of publication 

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