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9 Ways to Add an Iridescent Shimmer to Your Bathroom

It's one of 2017's biggest trends, so how can you bring home some pearly iridescence?
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 13-07-2022 19:15pm

We've rounded up some of the most jaw-dropping, show-stopping ideas – as well as some smaller, easier ways to add a nod to the trend. Enjoy!

1. We'll start with an idea so #extra it'll leave you feeling dazzled
As in, utterly dazzled. Imagine being greeted by this matching sink-and-toilet combo everytime you walked into the bathroom...

Credit: from Pinterest

2. Thought that was impressive?
Stunning, yes – and the ultimate fantasy addition to the bathroom of a Game of Thrones fan. Dire-wolf and dragons optional.

 Credit: Celtic Custom Homes from Pinterest

3. Now: let's talk about tiles
Transform a dull floor with the addition of shimmering tiles: get creative with smatterings of shapes and shades.

 Credit: from Pinterest

4. Alternatively, give the floor a makeover as a whole
Yes, you might become 'that' person who demands people take off their shoes before they step foot on your beautiful tiles.

Credit: from Pinterest

5. For a more low-key way to add a hint of iridescent pretty to your bathroom...
Add pearly tiles to built-in storage areas.

Credit: DecorPad from Pinterest

6. Feeling bold? Go all-out with a rainbow-bright wall of eye-catching, light-bending tiles
A dazzling way to unlock your inner mermaid. (You know she's in there somewhere!)

Credit: Poppytalk from Pinterest

7. Though she be but little, she is fierce...
Working with a small space? Choose a statement design that makes up for its petite sizing with its punch-packing dazzle. Complement it with a miniature feature-wall of matching tiles.

Credit: from Pinterest

8. For a more subtle fix of iridescence, pick accessories that will add a contrasting accent to your bathroom
A chic shell will add some nautical sophistication to a windowsill or countertop.

Credit: Rockett St George from Pinterest

9. Finally: a simple mirror, complete with iridescent frame, will add some effortless chic to any bathroom
Perfect for someone who wants to add a nod to the trend but without going overboard.

Credit: Grace by tinytilemosaics (Sally), from Flickr

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   Katie Byrne
Katie Byrne is the Editor of, and lives in a Georgian-built flat that requires a lot of dusting.

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