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The KBB Ark edit: 6 fantastic styling ideas for your mantelpiece

Add a little flair to your fireplace with these on-point decorative details
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 12-02-2019 11:45am

1. Keep it to the point
An impressive historic fireplace can often prove more than capable of making a stylish statement entirely in its own right, so doesn't necessarily need a huge amount in terms of detail to top-up the wow-factor.

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In this bedroom, for example, carefully selected accessories adorn the mantelpiece, chosen based on their ability to perfectly 'pop' against the warm blue on the walls. A strikingly framed print sits centrestage, with an artistic array of props - that silky chair, that simplistic table - completing the scene to perfection. 

Three realities of living with a period fireplace

2. Set it apart as a focal area
Using bold decorative flourishes - such as tassels, as shown here - is a simple yet effective way to subtly draw the eye to the fireplace. In this particular space, we also love the clever use of that bold mirror as a means to further catch the eye and also amplify the space.


Side note: this works particularly well from a colour scheme perspective, too. Choose decorations that will stand-out against the walls fo the space for a stylish contrast that will truly pop within your space.

Light and dark - your definitive guide to the Scandi colour palette

3. Opt for irony (or just a really great filler)
There's something about filling a once-functional fireplace with firewood that's a little tongue-in-cheek humorous, no? 


Naturally, it doesn't end there; consider stacks of books, armfuls of deliciously fragranced dried herbs, arrangements of your favourite candles... Think creatively.

5 creative ways to transform the fireplace in your bedroom

4. The optical illusion
Feast your eyes on this stunning set-up. Mirror-effect wallpaper directly above the fireplace creates the illusion of a far larger space, whilst the symmetrical styling of sculptures and vases on top of the mantelpiece creates a perfectly neat finish. Added points for those curated shelves of alternating books and props.

Says Trilbey Gordon, Head of Interior Design at Londonnewcastle, who masterminded the look: "I wanted the shelves to look like a cabinet of curiosities and I think that the objects on the shelves ranging from sculptures, to coral skulls in glass boxes, to taxidermy butterfly globes have given the room its personality. I think it is really important to invest in pieces that mean something to you. Trends come and go. If you surround yourself with pieces that you love, that have some soul...well, that kind of style is eternal."

7 period-inspired décor ideas for a new-build home

5. Up the colour-factor
Follow the lead of this bold space by transforming a vintage fireplace with a bold lick of paint - an easy way to uplift both the installation and the room as a whole.

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Inspiration by Homestyle

To let the colour do the talking, follow the lead of this set-up by keeping mantel-topping decorations to a minimum.

11 ways to up the luxe-factor of your bedroom

6. Revert to history
Take things back in time and opt for a decorative scheme that reflects the age of the fireplace - even if it's no longer intact! 

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Art Deco-style Torridge bath by Drummonds

Here, for example, rough-to-the-touch walls and antiquated décor details make the perfect companion for the remains of a stripped-out fireplace.

NEXT! Want more dramatic ideas for your fireplace? Click any image below to begin exploring our moodboard of ideas...

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