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Expert's Corner: Bathtubs

Duncan Waters, MD of West One Bathrooms on baths that can serve up a luxurious soak
   EKBB Magazine  |  written on: 24-08-2021 13:50pm

Q & A – Duncan Waters, managing director of West One Bathrooms

- What are the top trends for baths this year?
This year we expect to see an emergence of composite baths with metal trim details, for example, the Cuna by Agape. Health and mindfulness will continue to be popular this year as we see more dual-function spa/bath tubs being sold to emulate luxury hotels and encourage wellness which is now achievable in the home.

Oruro bath, Credit: West One Bathrooms

- What are the main planning and installation issues for both fitted and freestanding baths?
For freestanding baths, ideally allow adequate space to freely walk around the bath for maximum design impact. You will also need to ensure the floor can accommodate the waste as the newest pipe will run vertically through the floor. Always choose a bath that respects the space it’s in. Fitted baths have historically always been installed in the corner of the room for ease of function and to benefit from having the shower option. However, the new trend is to work your fitted bath into surrounds of either glass or stone.

- Am I limited to a built-in bath for my small bathroom?
Not necessarily, but naturally they work better in smaller areas. There are small freestanding baths available for compact spaces; try the ios tub by Victoria + Albert or bath brand Hurlingham. Many fitted bath concepts are designed with handy storage solutions which is crucial for small, awkward rooms.

- Are there any issues with a freestanding bath mixer?
Flow rates can be the biggest problem. While traditional bath mixers have larger supply pipes providing fast bath fill times, minimally designed baths have seen manufacturers reducing pipe sizes. You may have to question yourself whether you are looking for design or functionality as one might be compromised.

Woodline V bath by Agape, Credit: West One Bathrooms

- What materials are most hardwearing?
Enamel steel and cast iron baths have an easy to clean surface, yet are easier to chip. Composite materials might be more expensive but come in many stylish finishes and are very hardwearing.

Credit: Lara Sargent (Words)
Published: As featured in EKBB Magazine, Issue 239, March 2016

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