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The KBB Ark edit: 11 kitchens that have mastered autumnal style

With the nights drawing in, why not add a subtle twist of fall-inspired flair to your cook-space?
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 18-10-2018 11:27am

1. Pull up a pew...
Okay, we'll ease you in gently. For those of you out there who want to do a little something to acknowledge the glorious arrival of autumn but aren't quite sure - exactly - what, think small and simple. 

industrial,kitchen,pendant lighting,island,bar stools,orange,colour contrast

2. Cook up a storm
Autumn lends itself perfectly to hearty meals - so why not turn your cookware into a decorative feature?

country,traditional,rustic,period properly, bespoke, recycled shelves, the main company, textiles, exposed brickwork, floorboards, storage, brick, copper, open storage, wood, wooden flooring, white, metro tiles,

Kitchen by The Main Company

3. Consider your lighting
The darker evenings require the perfect cosy-cosy glow to keep your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom glowingly illuminated.

kitchen,spacious,wooden,wood,island,wooden flooring,parquet,timber,devol,sustainable,Wooden worktop,copper worktop,pendant lighting,industrial,rustic

Kitchen designed by Sebastian Cox Ltd for deVOL

So, with that in mind, why not enhance your lighting situation? Whether it's a string of pretty fairylights twinkling above your fireplace or a series of exposed bulbs hung from the ceiling, get creative.

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4. Add a splash of mixed-metal
From something as small as a tealight holder through to a reflective lampshade, there's something so decadent about a metallic shimmer. Use it sparingly rather than in excess. 

kitchen,glamour,pendant lighting,elegant worktop,handleless,mirrored,dark
Inspiration by Mowlem&Co

5. Create a colour contrast
For example: you could paint an accent shelf in a deep shade of navy and display cool gold accessories on it.

suspended, hang, hanging, lighting, light fixtures, pendants, pendant, cluster, illumination, industrial, contemporary, lights, marble,

Original BTC Walter, Credit: Original BTC

6. Candles. Everywhere
Why not layer up the glow in your kitchen by displaying your favourite candles?

Kitchen,contemporary,chairs,wooden,island,white worktop,cabinetry,gas hob,cupboards,storage,dining,candles
Inspiration by Sola Kitchens

Whether you choose them for their scent or purely for their flicker-factor, lighting candles in (safe!) places in your cook-space is a simple way to add to the seasonal charm. 

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7. Strip things back
The dawn of the new season is the perfect time to have a clear-out and take things back to basic in terms of what's in your kitchen. 

Kitchen,Modern,Dark,Contemporary,fire,island,marble,wooden,bar stool,dining table,fireplace,pendant lighting,industrial
Inspiration by Poggenpohl UK

8. Go seasonal with your floral arrangements
Adore flowers? Yep, us too - so pick blooms and bouquets in shares that match the season for a low-fuss splash of floral fall cheer.

streamlined,white,splashback,floating shelves,cabinetry,panga panga,wood,flooring,storage,brass,chrome,extractor,integrated,quartz,handleless,worktops,appliances,spacious,island,glass,seating,sola,colourful,red,rustic
Inspiration by Sola Kitchens

9. Layer up the cosy
Now's the perfect time to treat your kitchen to a few shiny-new accessories. From cushions for your seating area to a new print or two to hang on the wall, there are literally - literally! - countless ways to do it.

upholstered, dinner, dining, table, chairs, seat, wood, wooden, light, lighting, traditional, contemporary, teal, cushions,sofa, stola, extending dining table, oka, dining table, Villandry collection, bench, corner unit,

10. Embrace maximalism
Really want to go for it? Like, really? Go all-out and adopt a scheme for your kitchen that's truly inspired by the colours of autumn. We adore this vibrant cook-space palette, which combines colour, pattern and material, quite effortlessly.

kitchen,diner,eclectic,eclectic kitchen,shelves,orange,tiled flooring,blue,yellow
Inspiration by Diane Berry Kitchens

11. And finally...
For the ultimate in mildly-Halloween-inspired décor for your home, look no further than this. Can't see what we're talking about? Keep looking at the image and you'll see it eventually!

Industrial,Island,Light,Exposed brickwork,rustic,breakfast bar,lighting,Edwardian,Traditional,solid oak,reclaimed,vintage, exposed brick, red brick, brick wall, pendant lights, pendant, storage, pantry, larder

NEXT! Want to go for GOLD in your home? Click any image below to begin exploring our moodboard of inspiring ideas.

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