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Real home: inside the London home of interior designer Fleur Ward

Take a peek inside this exquisitely styled family home...
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 20-06-2019 12:50pm

The opportunity to take a peek inside the home of an interior designer doesn't present itself too often.

Browse 1,000s of inspiring ideas for your kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms

Naturally, with that in mind, we're very excited to bring you this tour of London-based Fleur Ward's stunning Victorian-built townhouse.

kitchen,bathroom,bedroom,brickwork,accent wall

"We've lived here for six years," Fleur tells us. "During this time, we've remodelled the entire house: everything has been rewired and replumbed, walls have been knocked down, rooms have been made bigger (and in some cases, smaller). In short, the place has had a complete refurb."

kitchen,bathroom,bedroom,brickwork,accent wall

The property in a nutshell

Who lives here: Interior designer Fleur Ward, with her fund manager husband Adam and their two children

The property: A Victorian townhouse in Acton, west London

The designer: Fleur Ward Interior Design

kitchen,bathroom,bedroom,brickwork,accent wall

When redesigning the property, Fleur's goal was to create a home that 'wouldn't date'. "I wanted it to be a calm family home. Each room needs to fulfil its own purpose, and also offer multi-functionality if required," she explains. "I wanted each room to be rich in character, and especially wanted the bedrooms to reflect everyone's personalities."

kitchen,bathroom,bedroom,brickwork,accent wall

The desired look for the kitchen was decidedly Gallic. "I wanted a cool industrial French café vibe," Fleur reveals. Lashings of wood and specially-sourced Francais-inspired details helped pull the look together, with creamy cabinetry holding the style in place.

kitchen,bathroom,bedroom,brickwork,accent wall

She continues: "it's more a feeling; the bird wallpaper creates a real sense of calm, whilst the lighting acts as a statement feature. We entertain a lot and it always feels cosy. I definitely couldn't do the whole white gloss thing..."

kitchen,bathroom,bedroom,brickwork,accent wall

Special mention goes to Fleur's sideboard, which she designed herself as part of her newly-launched Ohh Fleur! brand. The retro-esque piece perfectly compliments the elegantly eclectic aesthetic that flits through the whole property.

kitchen,bathroom,bedroom,brickwork,accent wall

For the master bedroom and en-suite, Fleur was keen to create a hotel-inspired feel. "I wanted to design a space that, once the door was shut, we wouldn't want to leave," she tells us.

kitchen,bathroom,bedroom,brickwork,accent wall

"It's a multi-functional room: we read on the sofa, we watch movies in bed, the kids climb in sometimes and join us... Again, it feels calm but I also wanted to add an element of cool, too."

kitchen,bathroom,bedroom,brickwork,accent wall

To the en-suite! "The bathroom has recently acquired an old haberdashery unit, which displays our clothes and makes it easier for us to select outfits in the morning. I really wanted the dressing area to feel like a boutique."

walk-in wardrobe,wardrobe,closet,bedroom

walk-in wardrobe,wardrobe,closet,bedroom

The project wasn't without its mild hiccoughs. For example, a disappointing first experience with builders led to some speedy outsourcing; "you learn with each project," Fleur muses. "Some things are unforeseen, especially when you have to make quick design and layout decisions." One hinesight-fuelled change she'd make to the property if she could? "I wish I'd known I needed another steel slap in the middle of my current utility room - that space was compromised so if I'd known I would have made the first-floor bathroom a laundry space with a shower."

kitchen,bathroom,bedroom,brickwork,accent wall

Fleur's key advice for homeowners who are considering a redesign of their own abodes? "Plan the space well and add your personality," she says. Also, bare in mind the possibility of unexpected expenses when it comes to your budget. "It's all very well to say your budget is 'X' but until you specify your wish-list and get the quotes in, you don't really know how much it's going to cost. There are always unforeseen circumstances which can lead to spend you weren't prepared for, so we staggered the work over a couple of years to make it work." 

Photography: TiffanyLin

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Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne is a writer, editor and filter fan (coffee, not Instagram), and lives in a Georgian-built flat that features various statement cobwebs.

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