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Kitchen and Bathroom Inspiration From the Magical World of Disney

Bring home a little magic from the Disney Kingdom with these inspirational Pinterest boards
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 11-09-2021 08:00am

The best design ideas come from the most unexpected places. And of late we have been looking at the mystical world of enchanted forests and towering castles where brooding 'beasts' dwell. While the recent live-action Beauty and the Beast gave us sets to swoon over, we've discovered other gems from the Disney Kingdom that could help transform your mansion or rented flat. So, sit back, relax and enjoy your magic carpet ride through Disney's inspirational kingdom.

The Little Mermaid
There is nothing more relaxing than a beach style home environment. All that cerulean blue, navy and sapphire with touches of white, aqua and drift wood ushers in the sun and sea while hitting the instant de-stress button. The nautical theme has thus always been popular and lends itself to easy DIY projects like these simple rope curtain hooks. The Little Mermaid encourages a more sustainable space. Think about using shells, rope, wood and other reclaimed materials as part of the décor.

The Native American theme proves that you don't need a whole lot of colour to make a statement. Stick to natural materials, pastel and earthy tones and abstract, angular prints and patterns to achieve that raw, rustic look.

If bold and bright is what appeals to you, then Arabic/Moorish décor should be right up your alley. The vibrant shades and mesmerising motifs are a surefire way to bring instant texture and character to the room.

Mulan exemplifies the Chinese style – bold yet subtle. Although there isn't a whole lot of room for ornamentation and opulence, it is where the elegant geisha meets the fierce warrior. The beautiful pink blossom touches with gold and Chinese mandalas define the Mulan home style.

The Jungle Book
With Pantone announcing Greenery as its Color of the Year 2017, it's natural for the little man-cub to be a popular choice. The Jungle Book spurs you on to be exotic, adventurous and green with your choices. Blur the lines between the inside and outdoors – think exterior kitchens and baths or a whole lot of plants, stone and rough wooden elements indoors.

From the humid jungles of India to the Norwegian-inspired town of Arendelle, Elsa's kingdom is all about the blue, purple and white colour scheme. The use of glass and crystal complements the space, giving it a sleek and sophisticated look.

Beauty and the Beast
And finally, the epitome of elegant and regal interiors, Beauty and the Beast is all about enchanting, plush décor elements and the shabby chic trend. There are also some smart ideas to convert antique desks and vanities into bespoke bathroom counters.

Lead image: The Arts Club

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