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These bedrooms show how art can transform your space

An artistic twist can truly make a transformative addition to your boudoir - no, really!
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 20-08-2021 17:00pm

Incorporating carefully-chosen artwork into your home is a great way to add colour, character and an extra twist of je ne sais quoi in to any space.

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However, what's the point in owning a beautiful piece of art if you don't display it properly? There's arguably no place better to hang it then your bedroom; not only is it the perfect place to relax and gaze at said artwork, it's also safe from food splatters and steaming showers. (No hard feelings, kitchens and bathrooms.)

bedroom,bed,yellow,four poster,large,spacious,painting,herdysleep

Read on to find out how, exactly, that print or canvas can enhance your boudoir...

1. This piece of art... Draws attention to the room's size

Cleverly positioned against the strip of wall next to the window, this attention-grabbing portrait is as statement as it is simplistic. 


2. This piece of art... Creates a focal wall
Okay, it's not a piece of art technically speaking but no less - a wow-worthy accent wall is a great way to add a splash of personality and a nod to a particular love or a passion. 

wallpaper,map,bedroom,historical,vintage,traditional,minimalistic,yellow,comfort,made to measure,custom,mural,contemporary,wallcovering
Inspiration by Love Maps On...

For example, in the space shown above, a passion for travel or an acknowledgement of an important location makes a poignant, vibrant addition to the bedroom.

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3. This piece of art... Adjusts the atmosphere of the space
Use a beloved piece of artwork to set the vibe and tone of your room.


In this cool, moody boudoir, for example, the non-framed print, positioned high on the wall, not only draws attention to the bed as the centre of the room; it also ties in with and accentuates the relaxed-rockstar ambience of the space as a whole. 

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4. This piece of art... Adds extra interest to a child's bedroom
Just imagine how different this nursery would look without that transfer sticker on the wall. 

bedroom, children, bright, rhino, minimalist, white, colourful, blue, patterned, white wall, cartoon, rhino, wall paint, wall mural, colourful, rug,

Stickers are a great way to add a temporary artistic fix to a space and lend themselves perfectly to children's bedrooms, where fast-evolving tastes and interests can be met with easy-to-swap artwork on the walls. 

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5. This piece of art... Provides a neat sense of symmetry
One for the neat-and-tidy lovers out there: this Edwardian-built bedroom is given a neat additional sense of purpose with the addition of this perfectly framed print, hanging centrally above the fireplace. We approve. 


6. This piece of art... Keeps things contained in a larger space
In this generously sized bedroom, the artwork helps to control the space, keeping the space styled rather than sprawling. 

bed, bedroom, luxury, modern, pastel, blue, grey, artwork, rug, Ermes, side table, Nathalie bed, Flou, Aram Store

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