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The 9 details that will give your bathroom a hotel-inspired edge

Take your bathroom from lovely to luxurious with these five-star ideas for your space...
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 21-11-2021 11:33am

1. Invest in the perfect tub or shower
Or both! Naturally, an essential part of creating a blissful bathroom is to design a space that manages to be as functional as it is irresistible.

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Begin your overhaul process by choosing the just-right bath or shower solution for your space, whether it's that freestanding tub you've been hankering after for years or an easy-to-use power shower that makes a neat feature for a bathroom used by a busy family. 

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2. A room with a view
If your bathroom overlooks a stunning backdrop, it makes sense to incorporate it into the layout of your room, no? 

Cast iron bath,roll top bath,traditional,bathroom,ensuite,summer,summery,twin ended bathtub,freestanding bath,boutique hotel,hotel bathroom,bathrooms for two
Inspiration by Aston Matthews Ltd

That means savvy positioning of your features, as well as making sure your window area is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. That might mean new drapes or blinds, or maybe even an entire reimagining of the area. Either way, use it as a focal area that is as effective as catching attention as it is at looking gorgeous. 

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3. Nail your colour palette
Fact: there are certain colours and textures that just scream luxurious. Dark neutrals, rich metallics, beautiful marbles... 

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Of course, you're not limited to our triumvirate of ideas when it comes to creating an exquisite palette for your space. True luxury is about making the choice yourself; picking the shades, patterns and so on that fill you with joy every time you see them. 

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4. Clever storage
Keeping bathroom essentials stowed out of sight will definitely up the luxe-factor of your bathroom - after all, there's nothing breathtaking about clutter, is there?

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5. The most appealing accoutrements
We're talking a dressing gown you dream of snuggling up in, a super-fluffy bath mat that positively hugs your toes, towels that manage to be both functional and fabulous... You get the drift.

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6. Somewhere to lounge pre- or post-soak
Whilst seating in your bathroom might not be the most obvious of ideas for your space, it can add a hotel-style twist of 'extra' to your space. 

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Inspiration by Waters Baths of Ashbourne

It could be a silky-soft armchair, a cushion-topped bench built into the alcove by the window, a sofa made for stretching out on... Obviously, you're dictated to by your space but don't be put off if your bathroom is on the smaller side: you could always pick a design that could be repositioned or stored away when not in use. 

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7. Luxurious pampering goodies
Treat yourself! From deliciously fragranced candles to your favourite bath oil, make sure your bathroom is fully stocked with your me-time essentials. 

storage,bathroom,accessory rail,dansani,ripples,oak,veneer,customisable,shelf,Dansani,handy accessory rail, Ripples

8. Max your bathroom's dimensions
Creating the illusion of space - whether it's there or not - is a clever way to make it feel that little bit more five-star. 

en-suite,shower,shelves,washbasin,basin,bathtub,open vanity,plants,grey,shower cubicle,tropical,green

Of course, a large space isn't essential for creating a hotel-inspired atmosphere in your space but it does help. Even if you don't have the physical room, you can still use simple tricks (such as savvy positioning of mirrors) to make the room appear a little bigger.

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9. Incorporate your tub into your boudoir
The ultimate in room-service-please decadence? Bring your tub into your bedroom for a soak you can literally roll into from the comfort of your bed. Total, utter bliss.

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Inspiration by Aston Matthews Ltd

NEXT! Fancy perusing more hotel-inspired ideas for your bathroom? Click any image below to begin exploring our moodboard...

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