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Everything you need to know about rug pile

Want to put down carpet for your home, then this is one of the most important things to consider
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 16-08-2018 09:00am

Simply put, in the carpeting world, rug pile refers to the density and height of the fabric loops or fibres of the carpet. Short or low pile implies the carpet fibres are shorter and have tighter loops (flat) while a shaggy carpet is considered long or high pile for its taller and looser loops.

Although hard surface flooring has been gaining the “trendy” tag, carpet remains a popular choice. This is where you have the ever-important decision – do you go for the low or high pile? To help you figure out what is right for you – here’s what you need to know.

1. Let’s talk height
These can vary from less than 1/4″ (low) to 1/4″ - 1/2″ (medium) and 1/2″ - 3/4″ (plush). You can get even longer ones.

2. High pile
If you want that luxurious, full and fluffy look, then high pile is the way to go. In addition, they’re known to create that cosy, homely feel. High pile is also less likely to flatten over time compared to low carpets, despite their taller loops. However, they are more susceptible to marking, so make sure your furniture is placed in a way that won’t leave indentations.

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3. Low pile
As low pile carpets have shorter fibres, they are less likely to trap allergens within its surface. This way you have less of a chance to catch an allergy yet get the benefit of underfoot warmth. They also last longer and their short fibres make the flatter surface easier to clean and remove stains. They are ideal in a dining area where the smoother surface makes it easier to pull back chairs.

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4. Cleaning and caring
Care instruction may differ from rug to rug, but there are a few general ones to consider.

- It is recommended that longer pile rugs be vacuumed without a beater bar in case the loops get caught in the rotating beater.

- To prevent your rug from showing wear, keep it out of direct sunlight and rotate it once a year. This way in higher traffic areas the wear will even out. Same goes for parts of the rug that are constantly exposed to the sun.  

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Amanda Peters

I've been writing for design magazines for a few years now and like nothing more than ‘exploring’ other people's homes (with their permission, of course).

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