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Colour guide: 7 ways to go grey in your bedroom

Neutral, soothing and oh-so serene - there's so much to love about beautiful grey!
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 10-08-2018 15:00pm

1. Use a palette of different shades and textures
Rather than using one block colour, incorporate grey into your space in a variety of different ways. From a carpet in a shade of pale charcoal to a grown-up Scandi-inspired paint on the walls, don't be afraid to combine elements rather than sticking to just one. 

carpets,flooring,homes,home decor,interiors,light,grey
Inspiration by Cormar Carpets

Every detail in your bedroom can play a role in pulling your palette together, from the obvious (larger details, such as the carpet or the wall colour) to the not-so (soft furnishings, or painted furniture). 

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2. Mix-and-match 
On a similar note, don't be afraid to pair shades of grey at opposite ends of the colour spectrum together. Light and dark tones can work beautifully together, especially when juxtaposed with complementary accessories and decorative details.

grey,dark,window,curtains,bedroom,bed,armchair,coffee table
Inspiration by Alexander James Interior Design

3. Use a contrast colour to make it all pop
A simple way to accentuate a grey colour palette? Use a vibrant accent tone to subtly 'pop' against your gris backdrop. 


In the space above, for example, buttercup yellow provides the perfect contrast to the sooty grey that fills the space, with a single cushion making a statement on the bed and a patterned rug creating extra interest on the floor. 

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4. Do something different with your walls
If you love grey but aren't quite sure you can commit to it coating your walls from floor to ceiling, consider a two-tone or ombré effect instead.

headboard,bed,contemporary,large,grey,plant,parquet flooring

5. Play with texture and tone
A fearless approach towards material and colour palette is key to the bedroom shown below, with a mix of both creating a space that's as atmospheric as it is stylish. The unifying factor that ties the whole space together? That grey colour palette, naturally...

comfortable,grey,light,chest of drawers,lamp,lighting,aged,duvet
Inspiration by Alexander James Interior Design

6. Choose a statement headboard
If you have the need or desire for a new headboard, give consideration to an option in grey; neutral yet statement, it makes an impressive, sophisticated addition to any bed. 

bedroom, headboard, neutral, grey, metallic, lighting, pendant lighting, king sized, custom headboard, chrome, metallic, gold, bed, pillows, cushions, grey,

7. Don't over-look your ensuite
If your boudoir boasts its own ensuite, consider incorporating it into your bedroom's colour scheme; as demonstrated in the bathroom below, it makes an impressive colour choice, whatever the size of your bathroom. 

modern,grey,luxury,dark,concrete,double basin,mirror,white,freestanding,pendants,double,curved,symmetrical

NEXT! Want more grey inspiration for your bedroom? Click any image below to begin browsing our moodboard...

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