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5 ways to make the most of summer’s bright light

Celebrate these sunny days and boost your mood by letting more light into your home
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 10-08-2018 09:00am

It’s no surprise that natural light not only makes a home lighter and brighter but also gives you the feeling of more space, not to mention reducing your heating and lighting costs. If flooding your home with natural light is on the agenda, here are five tips to get you started.

1. Minimise obstructions
Just like packing away your winter coats and jackets for summer, ditch the heavy curtains too. They may provide heat and insulation in winter, but come summer they are just an obstacle in the way of filling your home with valuable daylight.

kitchen,classic kitchen,kitchen appliances,kitchen/diner,bespoke,bespoke design,cabinetry,tiled flooring
Inspiration by Lewis Alderson & Co

Although it may be nice to completely do away with window treatments, in certain rooms privacy is a must, such as the bathroom. Hang sheer curtains or use a frosted glass instead to obscure the view, whilst letting in as much daylight as possible.

It is not only about the inside, trim bushes or trees that may be blocking the light coming through your windows.

Tip: Hang a longer curtain pole to allow your drapes to be pulled back, maximising the amount of light you let in.

2. Cleaning your windows and bi-fold doors
While removing obstructions from your windows and glass doors will let in more natural light, it’s important to have them clean too as there is nothing that showcases smudges and dirt on glass more than sunlight.

Modern, Matt, White, Sleek, Handleless, Granite, Oak, Black, Contemporary
Inspiration by Second Nature

Skylights, Velux windows and bi-fold doors are additional options to let light flow in. However, it is important to have them clean too for maximum impact.

industrial,kitchen,island,bar stools,orange,pendant lighting,skylight,quartz worktop,shelf,cabinetry,wooden

3. Whitewash
Swap darker colours or crowded wallpaper for a lighter toned palette. This way the space will feel brighter as it will reflect light, rather than absorb it. If bright white seems cold and clinical, go for an off-white shade to add a touch of warmth.

Shutters, monochrome, bathroom, cabinetry, curtains, basket, tiles
Inspiration by Shutterly Fabulous

It isn’t just the walls; the floor and ceiling also have a great influence on the overall feel of the space. Paint floorboards and the ceiling white for a quick enough transformation.

kitchen, industrial, cosy, rustic, contemporary, large, dining table, chairs, mix and match, pendant lighting, open, expansive,

As this house is also used for photoshoots it is white and bright as it’s all about reflecting light to the maximum

Tip: If you want to create the illusion of height, paint the ceiling a couple of shades lighter. Also, a satin finish paint will help reflect the light more than matt.

4. Incorporate shiny or reflective surfaces
It’s an old trick, but an effective one. Position mirrors opposite a window to boost light levels.

white,bathroom,contemporary,light,country views,marble,porcelain tiles,boutique,hotel bathroom,french,luxe,luxury,luxurious,mirror,vanity
Inspiration by Ripples

It isn’t just mirrors, pepper your home with reflective surfaces throughout to catch the sunlight in as many nooks and corners. From a crystal chandelier to a steel or metallic worktop, make the most of the light available.

eclectic,elegance,hand-painted,breakfast bar,marble,worktop,bianca eclipsia,wood,island,glass pendant,antiqued mirror,glassware,cabinet,chrome,handles,bespoke,pot filler,cooker
Inspiration by Mowlem&Co

5. Swap opaque for transparent dividers 
Solid partitions may help demarcate the different areas for specific tasks but they also break the line of sight. Instead get the best of both worlds by replacing solid doors with glass to allow natural light to flow further into your home.

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