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Here's your ultimate guide to creating an interiors moodboard

Planning a refresh of your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom? Here's how (and why!) a moodboard can help
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 10-08-2018 12:00pm

● MOODBOARD ● "an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept" (noun)

Browse 1,000s of inspiring ideas for your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom redesign

When it comes to planning anything - a hair cut, a dinner party menu, a child's flamingo-themed birthday party - a moodboard can be an essential tool that allows you to turn your thoughts into a tangible reality that can be easily shared with others. Not only does this make collating your ideas in one place a lot simpler, it also makes breathing them into reality a more feasible prospect, too. 

VitrA, pink, splashback, chrome, brass, pastel, baby pink, bathroom, sink, marble, feature wall, baby blue, luxury, summery, marble, stone, white,

Cocoon bath, Credit: VitrA

Naturally, the power of the moodboard extends to interiors too: whether you're planning a total home overhaul or, more simply, a transformation of a specific room or area, a moodboard is a great way to gather together ideas and see what works and what, well, doesn't.

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And of couse, with digital at the beating heart of a significant chunk of the average consumer's inspiration-seeking experience, online moodboards are a smart way to bring together all your favourite ideas, at your finger tips.

style, abigail ahern, chair, gold, contemporary, eclectic, cactii, cactus, wrought iron, yellow, rug, black vases, wall hangings, decoration, accessories, green,

From Instagram collections to boards of pinned images on Pinterest, there are plenty of ways to do it - and naturally, KBB Ark's very own moodboard service means you can design your dream kitchen, bathroom or bedroom from your fingertips. 

living room,carpet,chair,table,chandelier,herringbone,natural,green

So, with all that in mind, how on earth do you actually do it? Read on to find out...

DO give consideration to your colours
Working out a rough colour scheme is a great place to start. "It’s important to establish the colours you want to use on your mood board but keep these between three and five," advises Jasveer Kaur Banning, social media executive at FurnishYourHome.co.uk.

"Two colours should act as your base/main colours, with the others providing accent tones," continues Jasveer, who created the above palettes to demonstrate her point. "Before you are completely sold on your colours, look at how light reflects into your space as something dark in a small space will swallow up your area and this needs to translate onto your moodboard." 

toilet, basin, sink, freestanding, shine, shimmer, Iridescent, pearly, iridescence, pink, shiny

Credit: twitter.com from Pinterest

TIP! If you're torn between two different colour schemes, make three moodboards: one for each of the two different schemes, and a third that blends the two together. 

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DO have a focal point
"Your board doesn’t have to shout out but having a focal point can help you from going off on a tangent", says Jasveer. "Place your main inspiration in a prominent position and work from there."

Explore KBB Ark's kitchen, bathroom and bedroom moodboards

DON'T overlook the power of fresh perspective
Cato Cooper, co-owner of The Emporium Somerset advises: "My top tip when it comes to compiling mood boards is to step back from it or take a couple of hours break from it every now and then, go away and do something else and then come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes. When you come back to it you might see something you decide you don’t want after all or you might have had a new idea for something else to add. You could also get other people’s opinions, especially those of the people that live in the house with you and will have to share your newly designed room. It can become a real family project".

Art Deco,style,Torridge bath,Drummonds,bath,bathroom,luxe,luxury,traditional,clock,fire place,contrast,fireplace,minimalistic,black,elegant,bare,drummonds,rustic,red,Bare stone wall

Art Deco-style Torridge bath by Drummonds

DO work out a rough idea of what you before you start
"Carry out some research as this will help you plan your dream mood board," recommends Jasveer. "Check out blogs, have a conversation with other like-minded people and follow the right people on social platforms."

Inspiration by Castrads

DO share your moodboard with your co-planners
The great thing about the KBB Ark moodboard system is that it makes sharing your moodboards with your partner/designer/architect/etc so much easier. Plus, they can edit the board, meaning they can add their own ideas to it, too. Once they're done, they can share it back with you, meaning you can cast your eye over what they love, too. 

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DON'T lose your focus
"Remember to keep your moodboard focused: don't flood it with every idea and image you have!" adds Jasveer. "When looking for your initial inspiration, it can be easy to get carried away. Instead, have a goal in mind that you want to achieve; this will help you keep your moodboarding on-point. Keep your search criteria refined."

DO listen to your instincts
Your instincts can play a huge role in defining what you want from your interiors - and what you don't. "Listen to your gut and go with it," says Jasveer. "You'll know what's right for your moodboard, and your home." 

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DON'T follow trends for the sake of it
There's no point in building a moodboard based around a current trend that you feel you should love. Trends come and go with the seasons - apart from the odd exception, such as Scandi or tropical, that seem to be perpetually in style - so make sure you choose a theme or style that you genuinely adore, rather than picking one because you feel you ought to.


Whet your moodboard appetite a little further by casting your eye over the moodboards KBB Ark users have been making to inspire their home redesigns - click here to begin. 

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