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Give Your Bathroom The O-Natural Look

Here’s how to incorporate natural materials – wood, stone and cork – into your bathroom
   EKBB Magazine  |  written on: 03-11-2021 15:00pm

1. Wooden basins and baths are warm, tactile and earthy. Teak basins and laminated baths from William Garvey are durable, naturally antiseptic and resistant to water damage and come in smooth, elliptical shapes and deep Japanese-style plunge pools. Cedar wood is naturally oily and resists rot.

The Sylan rectified porcelain wall and floor tiles, Credit: Aparici

It will fill your bathroom with a wonderful aroma while marine plywood is a good choice for its tough, water-resistant properties. Wood furniture in the bathroom is luxurious but make sure real wood veneers, solid timber and painted woods are specially treated and protected with lacquer to make them water-repellent and resistant to humidity.

2. Stone covers a wealth of natural materials including marble, limestone and travertine in countless colours – from deep brown and gold to pure white and dark grey – and different finishes such as polished to distressed. Natural stone basins and baths are luxurious and expensive; they are extremely heavy too and need to be installed by a specialist.

Bianco Paonazzetto Natural marble, Credit: Original Style

Marble worktops and wall tiles are on-trend for today’s bathroom particularly those with interesting veining and one-off patterns. They are generally hand polished and need to be pre-sealed to prevent the stone from absorbing water.

3. Cork wall and floor tiles have been around for a while now, but they are experiencing something of an interiors comeback for a sleek yet natural, Scandi-style bathroom (do make sure they are sealed though). Granorte has taken the trend one step further with its sculptural and comfortable NuSpa baths and basins honed from a solid block of cork.

NuSpa freestanding bathtub, Credit: Granorte

Don’t forget cork is a highly sustainable raw material with cork bark regenerating itself after harvesting and cork trees absorbing five times more carbon than their conventional counterparts.

Credit: Lara Sargent (Words)
Published: As featured in EKBB Magazine, Issue 238, February 2016

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