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6 ways to make a small bedroom feel bigger

Don’t comprise on style, try out these small yet spacious bedroom ideas
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 25-06-2018 12:30pm

A bedroom needs to be cosy and relaxing – a cocoon to slumber in. However, in a compact space it can be tricky to fit in all the functional elements without making the room feel too cramped. Lucky, we have a few tricks up our selves you can use to create the illusion of more room.

1. On the wall
Instead of squeezing in a wardrobe or chest of drawers this bedroom makes the most of every inch, including the niches on either side of the fireplace. Fitted open wall shelving stores all the clothes, shoes, books and accessories without making the room look smaller due to additional furniture.

Tip: As shown here, a monochrome colour scheme works well in a compact space as there is plenty of natural light seeping in through the window.

wooden flooring,light,bed,shelves,open storage,grey,open shelving,open shelves,wallpaper,white,bedside table,black bedside table,cushioned headboard

2. Double duty
Look out for furniture that can pull off more than one function. This chest of drawers also serves as a bedside table for twin beds. It is worth the investment; search for beds that have drawers underneath or lift-up to reveal storage.

artwork,rustic,twin bedroom,bed,comfort,chest of drawers,handles,traditional,cushioned
Inspiration by Alexander James Interior Design

3. A mirror feature
From mirrored wardrobe shutters to a feature wall, there is a reason why reflective surfaces work. They double the size of the room and magnify the amount of light. Here, the floor-to-ceiling mirrored doors reflect the simple lines and pale colour palette of the room’s interior. The space feels welcoming and open.

Inspiration by Aflux London

4. Go vertical
When floor space is limited, extend the vertical lines of the room. Opt for slim wardrobes, a tall chest of drawers or even a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe. This way you maintain the clean and continuous lines of the room.

Tip: For a streamlined look, handle-less designs work better.

Here, the bedroom uses another feature – a large cushioned headboard – to focus on the height of the room. The geometric, diamond shaped pattern draws the eye up, while placing the light cream board against a dark wallpaper further makes it a focus of the room.

symmetrical,bedroom,bed,headboard,bedside table,lamp
Inspiration by Alexander James Interior Design

5. White on white

As it reflects light, one of the easiest ways to make a room feel bigger is going all white. Here, the almost white walls and linen will create the illusion of space even when the window shutters are drawn.

bedroom, rustic, country, scandi, minimalist, french, farmhouse, cosy, fresh, light, crisp, monochrome, white, lighting, pendant lighting,

Here, the room is kept primarily white, but the pale pink creates a subtle enough focal point, framing the bed.   

loft,loft bedroom,loft converion,pink wall,pink paint,pink,study,desk,guest,sloped
Inspiration by VORBILD Architecture

6. Layer textures
This space softens the hard edges of the room through layering textures rather than busy patterns. The chunky knit throw and wooden panelled feature wall adds texture while the pared-back style dresser is functional yet keeps the room spacious.

Side return,side extension,ground floor extension,bedside,vanity,wood,feature wall
Inspiration by ResiArchitects

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