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Expert’s Corner: Kitchen Storage Solutions… Part II

Design director at Martin Moore, Richard Moore on the latest innovations in space-saving solutions
   EKBB Magazine  |  written on: 11-07-2022 12:00pm

Q & A – Richard Moore, design director at Martin Moore

- What are your tips for planning a small or awkward space?
When planning kitchen storage, consider existing room features, which could be used to create storage zones – for example, recesses or under stair areas. Dedicated storage can also be designed into dressers or cupboards and a wealth of other solutions include plinth drawers, window seats and double-layered drawers. Sliding or folding doors work well in small and galley kitchens, as do bi-folds where the doors fold right away, giving access to the cupboard across its full width.

Architectural kitchen, Credit: Martin Moore

- What are the latest innovations in space-saving solutions?
Because Martin Moore designs and builds every kitchen as a fully bespoke project, we are always arriving at new design solutions to make the most of any and all available space. For instance, tucking spice shelves into the side wall of a hob alcove.

- How can more compact appliances help?
Combination appliances are ideal, with multiple functions combined in one appliance. Flush-fitted full zone induction hobs allow the cooking surface to double as worktop space.

- Are there any things to avoid in a small kitchen?
Dark colours can make small spaces feel even smaller, so choose light tones such as natural oak and white painted cabinetry to keep bijou kitchens feeling light and airy. Amplify this effect by using mirrored cabinetry or splashbacks to reflect light around the room and create the illusion of space.

Sebastian Cox kitchen, Credit: deVOL

Credit: Hayley Gilbert (Words)
Published: As featured in EKBB Magazine, Issue 238, February 2016

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