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Expert’s Corner: Kitchen Storage Solutions… Part I

Squeeze more out of your space – try these clever solutions to make use of every inch of the kitchen
   EKBB Magazine  |  written on: 08-07-2022 11:00am

Our kitchens are usually one of the hardest working rooms of the house. From accommodating loads of ‘essentials’, to prepping and cooking food, even the biggest kitchens can be put on the spot. We thus spoke to the experts to find out how you can get the most out of your kitchen.

Our Experts Weigh In…

- Laurence Pidgeon, director of Laurence Pidgeon
A messy kitchen always looks small. Make sure to maximise storage to keep the kitchen looking clear and uncluttered and avoid blocking workspaces with things that should have a home.

Systemat collection, Credit: Laurence Pidgeon

Go high and at the top, above head height, go deep. The lower shelf of your wall cupboards should be at chest level so that you can see and easily reach everything. Wall units are generally about 35 cm deep so stack top units 60 cm deep above them for absolute capacity.

Always go for pull-out storage in base units. Deep shelves behind doors are not an easy way to access things, especially when crammed full. If you have the space, a pull-out larder is a brilliant organiser, while plinths can be good for storage too. Choose a brand of kitchen that offers lots.

- Jamee Kong, head of design at DesignSpaceLondon
With small kitchens, it is important to design the layout to suit the space, rather than try to fit a particular style or scheme into the limited area.

kitchen, small, open plan, contemporary, modern, innovative, grigio cemento worktop, steel splashback, compact, easy access, storage, cluster lighting

Modulnova Fly collection, Credit: DesignSpaceLondon

- Daniele Brutto, co-founder of Hub Kitchens
Most clients think that if they are lacking cabinet space, they must immediately fit as many units as physically possible. But what’s important is usable space rather than just cubic capacity. Bespoke cabinetry can overcome awkward spaces.

- Andrew Hall, managing director and chief designer at Woodstock Furniture
In a small open-plan area, an island will immediately open up the space and provide a seamless divide with plenty of storage.

kitchen, small, open plan, contemporary, rustic, timber, storage, wasy access, design, hub kitchens, innovative, dining, pendant lights, island, dark wood, white cabinets, built in appliances,

A table wrapped around an island, Credit: Woodstock Furniture

Internal storage solutions will help you organise everything and make items easier to find. Use wall space for storage with tall cabinets, which can be fitted with internal shelving that will cater for differently sized products from condiments to large bags of pasta. Crockery stacker drawers make perfect sense, especially if you have three tiers within a complete drawer with side plates on the first tier, larger plates on the second and bulkier items in the deepest drawers in bottom.

Some more tips...

…on storage
Consider swapping wall units for open shelving and make use of corner carousels, utensil rails and pan drawers.

…on cabinetry
When it comes to choosing cabinetry colour and finish, keep it light and simple with gloss doors, fuss-free handleless designs, pale natural timbers, hand-painted finishes in a neutral colour and glass or mirrored splashbacks.

Credit: House of Fraser, Gray & Willow

…on appliances and their storage
Many appliance manufacturers have introduced compact or multifunctional models that are 45cm high instead of the standard 60cm and by installing them in a column fashion, you can create a bank of appliances that won’t use up too much space. Think combination ovens with steam, warming drawers and coffee machines. A fully integrated slimline dishwasher and larder fridge-freezer will also help to conserve valuable space.

…on islands and peninsulas
Islands offer a multitude of options including dining, food prep and storage but if there’s not enough room to fit one in, a peninsular or breakfast bar can help delineate different zones while adding a casual spot for dining.

Credit: Holloways of Ludlow

Credit: Hayley Gilbert (Words)
Published: As featured in EKBB Magazine, Issue 238, February 2016.

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