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Real home: A retro, vintage haven in Suffolk

This ensuite gets a retro, hotel spin with colourful, boho rugs and lounge-like vintage finds
   EKBB Magazine  |  written on: 17-05-2022 12:30pm

"A suite in a fancy hotel is the look we were going for,” says homeowner Sam Vogel, whose own life has seen her visiting many a gorgeous hotel in her time. Having spent the first part of her career as a busy London fashion and interiors PR with clients including Designers Guild and LSA glassware, she and husband Paul moved to Suffolk from Islington 14 years ago where she now runs her own cashmere company and shop called Homespun.


Quick View

- Owners/residents: Sam and Paul Vogel and their children Felix, Rufus and Milo

- Designer: Paul Watson, architect and builder

- Style: Contemporary

- Bathroom feature: An all-white bathroom scheme is punctuated by marble tiles and wooden floorboards to add subtle interest. Double sinks and showers and a freestanding bath, which overlooks the bedroom gives the design a luxe hotel feel

Contemporary,bathroom,toilet,sink,washbasin,tap,shower,marble,symmetrical,walk in,white,grey,double

They both lead colourful lives, with Sam travelling regularly to Mongolia where she has her own herd of goats to make her jumpers. “We have three sons who basically trash the rest of the house so I just wanted somewhere I could retreat to and really relax, which explains the huge bath,” says Sam. “I knew that I wanted a large freestanding bath that felt connected to the bedroom so that we can chat from the bed to the bath and a double shower so there was no arguing in the morning.”


A couple of steps out of the bath takes them out to a sunny terrace area that wraps around the whole bedroom. As this ground floor suite is a new build, the couple were able to ensure from the outset that they had the ample amount of storage. She explains, “We also have a large linen cupboard which is central for everyone to grab towels.”

Contemporary,wooden,frame,pink,chest of drawers,storage,bed,bedside lamp,dresser,side table

The bedroom also has a large walk through wardrobe, not pictured here. At the end of the two-year house project, is there anything she wishes she had done differently? “Amazingly, no!” Sam says. “In fact, for the first time in my life I actually have spaces and storage for everything in my home – hallelujah!”

Q & A – Paul Watson, architect and builder

- How did you work with the brief?
I had very clear direction on this from the homeowners who knew exactly what they wanted. I just had to find the correct elements.

- Any challenges?
Once the structure was up, it was decided to change the layout so we had to dig up the concrete again to re-lay waste pipes. This project had its problems, as many do, but we never lost sight of the goal – and most importantly we have remained friends.

- How did you make best use of light and space within this ensuite?
Natural light is a big thing for me and luckily there is a large amount of this in this space. Free-flowing off the white walls, this is a large space designed to show off Sam and Dan’s wonderful artwork, knick-knacks and furniture.

- And storage?
Throughout the project we custom-built small areas for storage. However, the main area is the loft space of what was the original house.

Credit: Darren Chung (Images), Ciara Elliott (Words)
Published: As featured in EKBB Magazine, Issue 254

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