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Real home: A monochrome home with Scandi charm

This classic-style apartment is filled with personal touches and happy memories
   EKBB Magazine  |  written on: 26-04-2022 15:00pm

"You can gaze out of the windows here and pretend you’re somewhere like the Marais in Paris,” says Martin as he describes the picturesque area of Vasastaden in Sweden’s Gothenburg. After living in California’s Santa Monica for a year they decided to move back to Sweden. With countless open houses under their belt, they finally found this 18th century apartment.

traditional, kitchen, dark, black, sofa, storage, lighting, pendant lighting

Quick View

- Owners/residents: Martin, My Ringqvist and their two children
- Designer: Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer at Vipp

- Style: Minimalist, Scandinavian
- Kitchen feature: The modular Vipp kitchen has the flexibility of being freestanding with multiple storage options, bringing a contemporary touch to this 18th century apartment in Gothenburg

traditional,kitchen,clean,colour contrast,black and white,drawers tap,stainless steel,island,worktop,minimalistic

Knowing that the kitchen was a big priority for them and somewhere where they spend a lot of time, the couple wanted to get it just right. “We went for the Vipp kitchen, which is quite unique and new in Sweden still. We saw a picture of it in a magazine, and it was love at first sight. We immediately booked a meeting at the Vipp Concept Store in Copenhagen. It was Christmas Eve and we were nervous walking over there. What if it wasn’t as perfect in real life? Luckily it was,” says Martin.

traditional, kitchen, island, tap, stainless steel, wooden flooring, black and white, colour contrast, cooker hood, induction hob, drawers, stove, tiled

Undeniably, the fit of this kitchen for this family was ideal because its modular design is flexible and made to last. It’s the combination of old and new, from the restored original details of the apartment to the iconic and contemporary selection of furniture, artwork and accessories, that give this whole space its unmistakable character.

traditional, kitchen, modern, fridge, bin, black and white, colour contrast, island, tap, stainless steel worktop, cooker hood, drawers,

“We love to mix stuff,” tells Martin, “the exclusive black marble, which we bought for nearly nothing in a quarry outside Valencia, with worn-down furniture, and a 200-year-old tiled stove paired with a super-slick Vipp kitchen. However, an apartment like this also needs to be dressed down a bit, otherwise it quickly gets tacky. So, we went for quite monochrome colour scheme to keep it feeling calm.”

traditional, dining table, dining room, chairs, colour contrast, black and white, wooden, wooden flooring, wood, parquet, light

Q & A – Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer at Vipp

- It’s described as being like ‘a piece of furniture’. Can you talk us through the idea behind the Vipp kitchen?
We envisioned the kitchen as a product; something you can place in your home that won’t go out of style or lose its function, and something that you can move or take it with you if you move. We wanted to make sure that all the difficult choices were already made in advance, so that’s why we chose one colour, one type of material and the best appliances we could find. Then we designed it like building blocks that you can put together in a configuration that fits your home.

- What features make the Vipp kitchen ideal for professional style cooking?
The stainless steel worktop can handle hot objects and is easy to clean. The same goes for the other surfaces of the kitchen. And it’s made of durable materials, so you don’t have to worry about being too careful when using the kitchen. We raised it on legs to make it easy to clean underneath, and the sink is equipped with a tap with a pull-out spray, which also comes in handy.

- In terms of practicality, why does the mix of black powder-coated steel cabinetry and stainless steel worktops work so well?
Both materials are durable and designed to handle the test of time and daily use and they’re also practical because they can be simply wiped over with a damp cloth. The stainless steel worktop will become patinised with time, which only adds to its beauty. When Holger Nielsen designed the original pedal bin back in 1939, he chose steel because of its durability. This is why we kept this as the key material for Vipp products for that same reason.

Credit: Birgitta Drejer (Images), Emma Foale (Words)
Published: As featured in EKBB Magazine, Issue 254

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