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5 creative ways to transform the fireplace in your bedroom

Bright-spark ideas for adding a flicker of extra style into your boudoir...
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 26-04-2022 08:15am

If you live in an older property, chances are your bedroom will boast a beautiful fireplace.

Browse 1,000s of inspiring ideas for your bedroom transformation here

Once an essential way for our ancestors to keep warm, the dawn of central heating and double-glazing has meant fireplaces across the land are rendered redundant. And even if you do use yours, chances are it will sit untouched for much of the balmier portion of the year: untouched, unloved and serving more as a magnet for dust than a heat-radiating heart of the home.


Anyway. The good news is there are plenty of ways to transform your bedroom's fireplace into something so much more fabulous. Read on to find out how...

1. Fill it up
One simple way to make-over your fireplace is to plug it: we mean filling it with decorative details that complement the space without overwhelming it. For example, in the image below, perfect stacks of small logs tie into the cool-neutral look of the space, as well as giving a poignant nod to how the fireplace would have once been used. 


For your own room, consider which decorative details best represent you and your style. What do you love? What will make your heart sing when you see it every morning? Whether it's stacks of old books, a plus-sized vase of gorgeous fresh flowers (and herbal sprigs for an extra-fragrant twist), piles of mix-and-match candles... The key is to think creatively - but at the same time, avoid picking anything too faddy that you'll be bored of within a few weeks. 

2. Use it as an artistic centrepiece
From propping your favourite framed print on the mantlepiece to positioning a beautiful painted plate in the middle of the grate, there are so many ways to incorporate a vibrant, colourful twist to your hearth. And yes, you absolutely can go over-board with this - maximalism is one of the biggest trends of the year, after all. Sometimes, more really is more, don't you think?

chair, desk, rug, bed, bedroom, linen, pillows, cushions, side table, pendant, chandelier, mantel, fire place, rustic, exposed wood, beams, Victorian, contemporary, glamour, lighting,

Oh - and don't think this is idea is purely limited to grown-up bedrooms. In a child's nursery or playroom, strings of bunting, fairylights or colourful paper tassels will add a fun, whimsical twist that will only serve to enchance the imagination.


3. Add a tiled touch
Want to breathe new life into the design of the fireplace itself? If its design allows, consider using tiles. 

green,olive green,fireplace,green tiles,mirrored,mantelpiece

Whether coloured or patterned, big or small, they'll add a sleek, shiny twist of personality and are an easy way to tie the fireplace into the colour scheme or theme of your bedroom.

4. If you've got the space, create a vintage bathing zone
If your bedroom is on the spacier side, throw it back to the days of yore, when bathing in a tub in the bedroom was the height of luxury (and normality, too). 

bath, bathroom, luxe, luxury, beaten metal, bathtub, tub, fire place, mantle, rough, mirror, rustic, wooden flooring, herringbone, linen, rough, ready, tin bath, rough luxe, Egyptian cotton towels, hand towel, Bath mat, bath robe, Soak & Sleep

5. Make the fireplace the centre-point of your dressing room
A fireplace makes a gorgeous focal area for a dressing room. You could display your perfume bottles along the mantelpiece, stand a tailor's dummy (wearing your favourite dress) alongside it...

mantelpiece,storage,shelves,open storage,mirror,fireplace,fire place,grey,mantle,white

Prop a mirror on the top: not only will this add a gorgeously fashionable twist to your getting-ready area but it will also create the illusion of more space within the room, too. We approve! 

NEXT! In the mood for maximalism? Get inspired with these trend-ticking ideas for your home - click any image on our moodboard below to begin browsing.

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