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9 Ways to a Bigger Looking Bathroom

Follow our to-do list to create a space-boosting bathroom – without actually moving any walls
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 09-09-2021 11:15am

Most of us wish we could have bigger bathrooms - but unless you custom-built your own home, it isn't always possible to add that extra square footage. However, you can trick the eye into believing your room is larger than it actually is. Here's what you need to do to create the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

1. Go light and airy
Softer colours reflect light, making the room seem bigger. Thus, for starters, mix it up with a light, pastel colour scheme instead of just white.

Tip: Stick to bringing in brighter colours through towels and accessories, but limit the number of accessories on display. If you do want to have a bold splash of colour, make sure they are elements with a lower profile, like the flooring or the vanity.

Credit: Ex.t

2. Create continuity
Conceive a seamless space by painting the walls and ceiling the same colour, or blend the tile and wall colours. This is particularly useful if you have an oddly angular room. The uniform colour makes those peculiar corners disappear, creating a cleaner look.

Credit: Porcelanosa Group

3. Go big on mirrors
If your room can take it, splurge on a large mirror above the sink or mirrored cabinet shutters. In case one big mirror is too much, consider a collection of smaller ones instead.

Credit: C.P. Hart

4. Bring in the light
To maintain privacy, windows in bathrooms usually have dark or black-out blinds. Instead, why not use something lighter, like a translucent or frosted shade? This way you can maintain privacy, but let in the natural light, making the room feel bigger and brighter.

Credit: Drummonds

5. Use a glass partition
A partition between the dry and wet zones of your bathroom is a must. However, a shower curtain can cut down on the volume of your room. Alternatively, a glass panel can do the same job without breaking visual continuity. And if you still want privacy, use a tinted glass panel. This will allow light to filter through, making it less claustrophobic.

Credit: Aqata

6. Smooth transition
Allow materials to bleed from one zone of the bathroom to the next. For instance, run the same tiles along the whole bathroom, or use the same flooring throughtout.

Credit: Teuco

7. Smart storage
Opt for open shelves instead of closed cabinets to have a more expansive look and move the bulk of your bathroom supplies and toiletries to a nearby linen cupboard instead.

Credit: from Pinterest

8. Keep the floor clear
If you can't trade in a vanity for a freestanding sink, then make it a floating one. You'll get the space you need for your daily essentials, yet the glimpse of flooring underneath will make the room feel a notch bigger. In addition, do away with laundry baskets and low shelving.

Credit: Grohe

9. Go vertical
If you can't make your bathroom look wider, go vertical! Since vertical stripes create the illusion of more height, use striped wallpaper, thin lights and tall mirrors.

Credit: Kelly Hoppen

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   Amanda Peters
KBB Ark Staff Writer. I've been writing for design magazines for a few years now and like nothing more than ‘exploring’ other people's homes (with their permission, of course).

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