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Expert’s Corner: Kitchen Lighting… Part I

Here are some bright ideas for efficiently lighting your kitchen and dining spaces with style
   EKBB Magazine  |  written on: 01-07-2022 14:00pm

Kitchen lighting can be a tricky business, given that there are often architectural restrictions like island widths, ceiling heights, space planning and wattage – this can really put a damper on your style. Then there is also the question about balancing task and feature lighting. While task lighting can be installed above an island or breakfast bar, under shelving or wall cabinets, it is important to layer your lighting scheme to create atmosphere and mood in the rest of the room.

The Wästberg Sempe w103 pendant light from Viaduct is simple, solid and stylish. Available as a single hanging shade or a combination that can be attached to a long rail, there is a choice of colours – Oyster White, Sulfur Yellow, Beige Red, Coral Red, Reed Green, Silver Grey and Deep Black. Priced at £460

Our Experts Weigh In…

- Simon Wallis-Smith, director of Fritz Fryer

- Claire Davidson, founder of Urbanara

- Sophie Amini, designer at Pooky Lighting

- Terence Woodgate, founder of Terence Woodgate

…on task lighting
“Task lighting can be achieved by means of simple, stylish pendants hung low over an island and LED strips on the underside of eye-level cupboards to illuminate the work surface,” says Simon Wallis-Smith, director of Fritz Fryer. “Depending on the size of the kitchen, it is also nice to supplement this with some carefully positioned recessed downlights. Ideally these would be located in front of floor-to-ceiling and eye-level cupboards to create scallops of reflected light. Dimmable fittings and controls, as well as the careful grouping of circuits, will also help to achieve the right cosy mood that you want to encapsulate.”

…on the pros of using LEDs
“As well as being energy efficient, LEDs allow greater flexibility in your lighting scheme with bright light over a counter and a warmer, softer light over the dining area,” says Terence Woodgate, founder of Terence Woodgate.

Terence Woodgate’s Solid Pendant Cone is a pure conical form crafted from American black walnut. It comes with the LED bulb and is ideal for adding subtle detail to a contemporary kitchen. Priced at £187

…on coordinating finishes with lighting
Before you buy, it is a good idea to consider other finishes in your kitchen and aim to achieve a balance of textures. “Matt finishes will stand out against glossy tiles or cabinetry,” advises Claire Davidson, founder of Urbanara, “while metallic lighting styles bring glamour to kitchens with lots of wood or dark hues.”

…on cluster pendants
Fritz Fryer has seen a marked increase in cluster pendants over the kitchen table and this is a trend that is expected to continue. “These fittings are very eye-catching,” adds Simon Wallis-Smith, “especially with a mixture of clear and smoky or ribbed glass.”

When you want plenty of light for entertaining but still wish to create mood and atmosphere, the hand-blown Upton clear glass pendant light looks stunning hung as a cluster or in a row. Priced at £140, Credit: Fritz Fryer

…on the latest trends
“There’s an emphasis on organic shapes and form this season, with soft pastels and metallic finishes. Introduce elements of the theme to your kitchen with handcrafted pendants or hand-blown glass,” Claire Davidson, founder, Urbanara.

Ribe pendant lamp, Credit: Urbanara

Trend-wise, the industrial look is still going strong, with everything from bright coppery tones to dark antique bronze. “We have evolved a range of new products around these beautiful striking finishes,” explains Sophie Amini, designer at Pooky Lighting, “combining them with other timeless materials such as glass and marble, which never seem to lose their appeal.”

Made from crated brass, this simple Caro pendant light beautifully frames the exposed bulb. Priced at £95, Credit: Graham & Green

Credit: Hayley Gilbert (Words)
Published: As featured in EKBB Magazine, Issue 250, February 2017. Prices mentioned are at the time of publication

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