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9 Design Ideas to Steal for Your Next Bathroom Upgrade

Add some serious oomph to your bathroom with these swoon-worthy inspirations
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 17-11-2021 08:00am

1. Wallpaper
In this boutique-inspired bathroom, Arior Design draws the eye towards a capacious tub by setting it against a striking teal and gold wallpaper. As the rest of the space is clutter-free and painted in soothing chalky white shades, the focus stays on the feature wall.

Designed by Arior Design, this light filled bathroom is located in a Brighton Regency townhouse, Credit: Fiona Walker-Arnott

2. Bathtub
This weathered, country-style bathtub embraces the rough luxe trend, adding an extra bit of oomph to the room. The beaten metal exterior of the tub further accentuates the grain of the wooden floors and ‘unfinished’ walls.

freestanding tub, bath, country, rustic, cast iron, rough, luxe, Soak & Sleep

Credit: Soak & Sleep

3. Splashback
A splashback doesn't have to have bright colours or patterns to make a mark. This understated one uses white herringbone patterned tiles to make a subtle yet elegant statement. The tiles perfectly blend into the wall and sink, forming an endless sea of white in lifestyle blogger Kate La Vie's bathroom.

11 Splashbacks That WOW

Credit: Kate La Vie

4. Seating
Create the spa experience right at home with a built-in wooden seat in the shower. Here, wood-like textured tiles add warmth and texture to this otherwise all-white space.

Credit: Domino from Pinterest

5. Upcycle furniture
Turn an old desk into a one-of-a-kind bathroom vanity. Give it a new coat of paint or leave it weathered like this old study vanity. 

Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas

Credit: CELEBUZZ from Pinterest

6. Flooring
Swoonworthy's Kimberly Duran keeps to a strict colour palette of black, white, grey and gold for her bathroom in a semi-detached Edwardian home. The space is eclectic with a blend of Eastern and Moorish accents. Although a smaller area, the Moroccan floor tiles here don't overwhelming the room.

black, white, grey, gold, wood, Eastern, Moorish, Moroccan floor tiles

Floor tiles from Fired Earth

7. Shower curtain
Your shower curtain doesn’t need to be a dull affair. This cotton shower curtain featuring Terry Fan’s The Whale print gives this stark white bathroom a coastal vibe. 

Credit: everythingturquoise.com from Pinterest

8. Industrial finish
Take up an easy DIY project to add an industrial touch to your bathroom. Pick up some metal pipes from your local hardware store for your very own towel rack. They are simple to put together and can create interesting designs.

Credit: MacAndLexie from Pinterest

9. Lighting
The cluster of pendant lights, suspended at different heights, creates the illusion of a taller space. Their slim, elegant form and off-centre placement make for a better balanced room. 

Credit: snt-a.com from Pinterest

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Tell us what style upgrades would you add to your bathroom? 

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   Amanda Peters
KBB Ark Web Editor. I've been writing for design magazines for a few years now and like nothing more than ‘exploring’ other people's homes (with their permission, of course).

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