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Profile: A Home with A Quirky Indian Persona

Brass and timber accents paired with bright colours add some oomph to this apartment
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 22-12-2021 11:00am

This contemporary dwelling in India's capital city is far from ordinary. When architect Akshat Bhatt of Architecture Discipline came on board, his brief was to transform this “standard builder apartment” into one that emphasised its materials and architectural features. For instance, classic materials such as brass and timber have been experimented with to fit into the modern context. “Vaulted brass ceilings and an extensive use of timber furniture reference the good old days,” explains Akshat.

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- Designer: Akshat Bhatt, principal architect at Architecture Discipline
- Style: Contemporary, eclectic

- Design feature: Different types of wood – teak, maple and sal – combine with bright colours to impart texture to the space

This third-floor apartment has been renovated and extended, connecting it to a timber cabin on the rooftop terrace. Conceptualised as an open plan space, the living room, dining area and lounge merge into a single entity, making it the ideal backdrop to display the family’s many ancestral heirlooms.

“The owners only had a set of functional requirements,” says Akshat. “They entertain a fair bit and thus spend most of their evenings and weekends at home. With this in mind, I designed the 'terrace hut', which is now another favourite socialising spot for the family.” While the main house is dotted with artworks and other heirlooms from the family’s Marwari heritage, the terrace hut exudes a pared-back design approach.

sofa,couch,blue,comfortable,wall art,artwork,carpet,glossy,island,light,lighting,lounge

“It is a very basic expression – like a diagram a child would make,” Akshat informs, when describing the simplicity of the hut’s design. The visual palette for the space stems from the nature of the materials themselves – such as the natural colour of the herringbone patterned teakwood flooring.

The dining experience is the most celebrated in the home with a vaulted brass ceiling and a solid rosewood dining table. In addition, the brass-wearing on the table acts as a giant sculpture, anchoring the space visually.

dining table,glass,cabinetry,storage,chairs,stools,blue,light,gold,pendant lighting

The architect shows restraint when it comes to the master bedroom. “The room has a sophisticated, monastery-like aesthetic with timber panelling across the back wall to frame the bed, while the rest of the space is white,” he informs.

bedroom,minimalistic,lighting,wall mounted,wooden,fan,light,spacious,bed,patterned

On the other hand, the children’s bedrooms have a playful vibe to the design. Akshat explains, “The rooms are designed to evoke creativity and a sense of exploration. For instance, the daughter’s room has a blackboard that slides through, celebrating the activity of writing and learning. The bed incorporates a pared-back visual of Minnie Mouse for the headboard, while the ceiling resembles a folded paper fan that you would make in arts and craft.”

bed,red,wooden,minimalist,mirror,table,bedside table,rustic

The apartment is a great example of how classic materials, forms and colours can be elevated through thoughtful design.

Q & A – Akshat Bhatt, principal architect at Architecture Discipline

- Can you tell us about the furniture?
The design of most of the furniture was developed in-house and manufactured accordingly by local vendors. Classic materials like brass and wood have been experimented with to create simplified yet playful designs that fit within the modern context. 

- And the colour scheme for the bedrooms?
An eclectic mix of colours can be seen throughout the apartment. The scheme is used to create ‘break-out spaces’ as well as emphasise wall textures. The master bedroom is predominantly white and has a monastery-like aesthetic in timber with a sinuous sloping roof, while the children’s bedrooms follow a pop art colour scheme to maintain a playful and young vibe. 

Credit: Jeetin Sharma (Images)

Take a tour of the whole house

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