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The 12 Essentials Every Guest Bedroom Needs

Preparing to host over the holidays? Here's how to be the host with the most!
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 14-12-2021 10:00am

Counting down to the imminent arrival of house guests? Guarantee your loved ones a comfortable stay by making sure these useful items are easily accessible in their bedroom. Just think of the Trip Advisor reviews...

1. Clean bedding

We're starting basic here, people. Whilst fresh bed linen and pillow cases might seem like a blindingly obvious thing to provide for guests, it can be easily overlooked in the whirlwind that is the Christmas countdown - and if you have pet(s) who have acquired the spare room as their own literal walk-in kennel, now's the time to gently begin eviction procedures. 

2. A bedside lamp

If your guest likes to read in bed, they'll appreciate a light source that means they won't have to climb out of bed. 

Esparza tiles, Credit: Bert & May

3. Fluffy towels

Ideally, guests will require a flannel, a hand towel and a larger-sized towel - the latter is an essential. 

Hotel Classic collection bath towels with double embroidery available from Frette

4. A mirror

Preferably full-length, if space/budget allows; otherwise, a dressing table looking glass will suffice perfectly.

5. Blankets and spare cushions or pillows

Whilst you're blissfully comfortable with two pillows and a single duvet, your guests will probably have different temperaments - especially in the shiver-inducing winter months. 

bedroom, comfortable, bed, rustic, exposed brick, spacious, wooden floorboards,  savoy pillows, bed linen, faux fur thrown in snow fox, tielle love luxury

Bedroom by Tielle Love Luxury

6. The WiFi password

Arguably the most urgent of all the items on this list...

7. Easy-reach plug access

A minimum of two plugs is advisable; they'll need one for the bedside lamp, as well as one for charging electrical devices. 

pastel, bed, bedroom, minimalist, lighting, paper lantern, bedside table, lampshade, quality paper, wild & wolf, concrete grey, pink, grey, contemporary, white, Cumulus paper, concrete, grey, bedroom, bed,

8. Basic toiletries

Think tissues, paracetamol, a small tube of toothpaste, cotton buds... If the guest bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, also include travel-sized bottles of shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. A hair-dryer is also useful, if available.

Domus in terracotta

9. Somewhere to hang clothes

Yes, it sounds basic until you realise the spare room currently lacks that facility. At the very, very least, a hanging area on the back of the bedroom door is essential - otherwise, clear a space on a clothes rack or in the wardrobe.

bedroom,children,bright,yellow,modern,qbattistella,seperate,wardrobe,wilson bedsde table,luce desk,cushion,go modern,contemporary,minimalist,System 18 wardrobe,Small Wilson,bedside table,Luce desk,Marì chair,rug,white,

10. A couple of books or magazines

Suggestively positioned on the bedside table, just in case your guest(s) forgot to bring their own reading material.

Creamy wallpaper, Credit: Ashley Woodson Bailey

11. A clock

"A clock? What's that?" younger guests might squawk, looking up briefly from their iPads/laptops/mobile phones to squint suspiciously at said time-piece. Always useful - although if you're gifting one from your own bedroom, make sure the alarm is firmly switched off.

12. A subtle fragrance

Whether it's a candle, a reed diffuser or a plug-in scent, a hint of perfume will add a deliciously cosy finish - just be sure to avoid anything over-powering.

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   Katie Byrne
Katie Byrne is an editor, filter fan - Instagram, not coffee - and Spaniel enthusiast, who lives in a Georgian flat that requires a LOT of dusting (and heating...).

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