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Floral (And Festive!) Ideas for Your Christmas Dining Space

Add a little seasonal flair to your home with the addition of beautiful blooms
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 13-12-2021 15:00pm

Looking for a no-fuss to instantly elevate the sophistication and elegance of your home this winter? Preparing to host Christmas dinner for your family and want the perfect finishing touch for your dining table? Or, more simply, just want to treat yourself - and your home - to something beautiful?

Flowers might just be the answer to your prayers. If you hadn’t already considered investing in a floral arrangement or two, there’s still time - whether it’s a bespoke arrangement ordered from your favourite florist or some hand-crafted tablecentres put together by your own fair hand, there’s no excuse to not at least consider adding some pretty petals to your kitchen or dining area.

7 subtle Christmas décor ideas for your kitchen

One trick to remember when it comes to flowers: it’s all in the styling. Whether you display them in glinting golden vases or old jam jars, or whether you pair them with flickering tealights or statement pillar candles, create displays that you feel proud of. Oh, and by the way - there’s no need to worry about what you’ll display your beautiful flowers in. As our list below shows, there are plenty of household items that can be used to gorgeous effect.

1. Take one jug

A simple jug makes for a delightfully rustic way to display flowers - plus, it has the added advantage of being super-simple to transport from place to place. Meaning you can move your arrangement from the kitchen to the dining room with literally no fuss whatsoever.

2. From little jars...

...Great arrangements do grow! Perfect for displaying single stems, use multiple jars to create a beautiful arrangement that’s truly unique to your home. For a little added sparkle, paint the jars with glitter or decorate with coloured ribbon.

3. Va-va vase

Depending on the vase(s) you have, you can do various things, depending on size, colour and so on. In possession of a series of vases in varying sizes? Use them to create different points of floral interest around your kitchen and dining area: taller vases make great tablecentres on small tables, whilst smaller, fatter vases can look beautiful arranged single-file down the centre of a long, thin table. Metallic vases? Pair them with jewel-bright red flowers and lush green foliage; contrast bright vases with creamy white blooms. Clear glass vases, meanwhile, look perfectly pretty filled with baubles, with flowers on top. Just don’t forget the water…

4. Style in buckets

Use small buckets to create foliage masterpieces: armfuls of ferns, cones, eucalyptus, cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices… You name it. Arrange at fragrant intervals around your home.

5. Flaming flair

Home boast a fireplace? You lucky thing! Create a striking floral display by lining the top of your fireplace with a wild mix of foliage and blooms (consult a florist as to which will work best for this). If you plan on lighting the fire at any stage, make sure there are no overflowing stems at risk of turning your florals into, er, flames.

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   Katie Byrne
Katie Byrne is a writer, editor and filter fan – Instagram, that is, not coffee.