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7 Subtle Christmas Décor Ideas for Your Kitchen

Because holidays are comin’, people…
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 13-12-2021 11:07am

Christmas is firmly on the horizon - and chances are your home is already looking like a winter wonderland. However, if, like us, you’re always looking for an idea or two to take your festive decorating to the next level, you might want to cast your eye over these ideas for decorating your kitchen.

3 ideas to definitely consider for your home this Christmas

Yes, really: your kitchen. If you thought your haloed cooking area was limited purely to turkey prep and rehoming left-over roast potatoes, think again, people. With a few subtle tweaks, the kitchen can become one of the most festive areas of your home - and no, these ideas won’t get in the way of Uncle Jerry lighting the Christmas pudding…

1. Cupboard wreaths

Thought wreaths were purely for front doors only? Think again. If you’ve got a smaller kitchen, pick the least obtrusive cupboard, or simply hang your wreath(s) higher up to guarantee they don’t get in the way. If you have a larger space, hang them with reckless abandon - but keep them away from the oven, because we don’t want to be too reckless now, do we?

2. Natural sprigs

Your windowsill has the potential to change your kitchen from blah-nia to Narnia (yes, we went there) in moments. Narrow sill? Opt for a jug of freshly picked berries or wintry sprigs - they’ll add a delicious aroma to your home. 

3. The window sill forest

Alternatively, use multiple miniature Christmas trees to adorn your window sill with seasonal cheer. Drape with battery-operated fairy lights and switch them on come the evening time for your very own festive light show. 

4. Hot chocolate bar

Deliciously sweet and comforting - who can resist the siren call of a mug of hot chocolate? Children will love the chance to customise their drinks with marshmallows, Maltesers, chocolate sprinkles, cream… (Spoiler alert: adults will, too.)

5. Festive chairbacks

Seating in your kitchen? Decorate the backs of chairs for a subtle flick of seasonal style: from sophisticated red satin paired with a fragrant sprig of rosemary all the way through to pine-cone decorated lace, there’s a look to suit every home.

6. Fairy lights (EVERYWHERE)

Hang them from cupboards, along cornices, across window sills… Keep them away from the sink and electrical devices but otherwise, adorn your kitchen and let the beaming bulbs add a real festive glow to your home.

7. Fridge stickers

Finally! For a low-fuss idea that kids will absolutely adore, order some festive fridge stickers that can be arranged (and re-arranged) endlessly. Yes, your fridge might never forgive you - but at what price joy…?

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   Katie Byrne
Katie Byrne is an editor, filter fan - Instagram, not coffee - and Spaniel enthusiast, who lives in a Georgian flat that requires a LOT of dusting (and heating...).