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Children’s Bedroom Décor: Gender Neutral Room

Avoid the stereotypical “blue for boys, pink for girls” decorating tradition with these tips
   EKBB Magazine  |  written on: 19-12-2021 08:40am

Advice on creating a gender neutral room by Jacinda Malloy, interior stylist at Hide & Sleep

- Grey is a great colour for creating a gender neutral room as it’s calming and serene. It works well with most colours including pastels and primary shades.

- Use layering of textures such as woollen rugs, felt cushions and linen curtains because each of these will create tactile interest and give neutral colours more depth and add a luxurious feel.

Create a cosy nook where your little one can sit down with their favourite book. In this room, Jacinda has added a bookcase, shelf, bean bag cushion and a hanging chair.

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- If you want a themed room, animals are a great start as most children love them and there are many wonderful related products available, from wallpaper and wall stickers to bedding and toys.

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- There are so many wallpapers available but if you want something really fun, then look out for themed designs such as stars, clouds, animals, geometric shapes and landscape scenes to create a real feature.

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- Keep a simple colour scheme by choosing wood or white painted furniture. Then you can add colour to the room and personalise the space to your child’s style.

Credit: Emma Foale (Words)
Published: As featured in EKBB Magazine, Issue 244, August 2016

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