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DIY Festive Makes: Fabric Wreath

Get into the festive spirit with this delightfully kitsch Christmas decoration
   YourHome Magazine  |  written on: 21-12-2021 13:40pm

You needn’t spend a fortune to stitch some wonderful Christmas decorations this year – with just a few fat quarters, this lovely wreath can be worked up quickly and simply.

You will need
- Traditional Wreath Christmas fat quarters five-pack, £7, Hobbycraft
- One fat quarter grey snowflake cotton ruler
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Pins
- Sewing machine and thread
- Wooden spoon
- Toy stuffing, £3.50 per 250g bag, Hobbycraft
- White glitter felt sheets, £1 per A4 piece, Hobbycraft

1. Begin by picking which three fat quarter prints you’d like to use, and dividing each of them into four. Typically, a fat quarter measures 55cm x 50cm, so use a ruler and pencil to divide each one up into four 12.5cm x 55cm strips, then cut the strips up using sharp scissors.

2. Join the strips. Working on one print at a time, take two of the strips and place them right sides together. Machine stitch across one of the 12.5cm edges, leaving a 1cm seam allowance. Repeat to join all four strips together into one long 12.5cm x 214cm length – open each seam out and press flat with the seam open.

3. You should now have three 214cm long strips. Fold each in half widthways with right sides facing. Pin, then stitch all along the long open edge, leaving a 1cm seam allowance. Stitch across one of the short edges to close the seam, again leaving a 1cm seam allowance.

4. Turn each of the fabric tubes right sides out – you may need to use the handle of a wooden spoon or another long, thin object to help you with this. When they are all turned out, stuff each one firmly with toy filling, again using a wooden spoon handle to poke the stuffing down throughout the length of the tube. Hand stitch the remaining open end of each tube closed.

5. With all three tubes stuffed and sealed, hand stitch them together at one end. Once secured, braid the tubes together, keeping the plait tight. Once you reach the end of the tubes, hand stitch them together to secure the braid. Bring the two ends of the braid together to form a circle and hand stitch them to each other to hold the shape in place.

6. Layer two sheets of white glitter felt together with right sides facing out. Draw a selection of different sized stars onto it and cut them out, then machine top stitch around the edge of each, placing a small ball of toy stuffing into the centre of each one before stitching up the last side.

7. Lay the wreath down flat. Arrange the felt stars onto it, placing them over the join in the braid to cover it. Once you’re happy with the way they are laid out, hand stitch each star into position, working through the back of the felt to hold them in place.

8. Finish by sewing a loop of thread or ribbon to the back of the wreath to allow it to be hung from a hook and displayed.

Credit: Lizzie Orme (Images), Sophie Holt (Words)
Published: As featured in YourHome Magazine, December 2017. Prices mentioned are at the time of publication

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