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12 perfectly pink ideas for your bathroom

Turn your bathroom into a feminine oasis or simply add a little colour – we've got ideas galore!
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 23-03-2018 17:00pm

Pink: no longer just the choice de jour of 'girly girls', the colour is available in a whole spectrum of shades, from barely-there baby-pink to unmissable fuschia.

You might not have considered the colour for your bathroom but there are actually a lot of ways to include it in your precious space: from subtle hints to in-your-face blocks of colour. If you want to avoid paint, look to other materials: twinkling tiles and polished rose gold taps and cupboard handles will keep the look fresh and minimal.

1. In the tub
There are multiple ways to add a hint of pink to your bath: you could paint the feet, paint the sides or maybe even paint the whole thing! Just make sure you use the correct type of paint – or alternatively, purchase an already-pink tub. For extra style points, upgrade the taps to rose gold fittings.

freestanding tub, pink, pastel, shabby chic,  bath, baby pink, The Albion Bath Company

 Freestanding bath in baby pink from The Albion Bath Company

2. The four-poster bath
Because if you're going to bathe, you might as well do it in style, no?

pink, curtains, bath, tub, shabby chic, pebble flooring,

Credit: Homedit.com from Pinterest

3. Tile-high tub
Built-in bath? Swap dull white panels for glinting mosaic tiles. Opt for shades of pink, or alternatively mix things up by adding in chunks of nautical turquoise.

pink, tile, bathtub, mosaic, pastel, fuschia

Credit: getitinpink.blogspot.co.uk from Pinterest

4. Tiles and tiles
On the subject of tiles: create a feature area by adorning one prominent wall in your bathroom with tiles. Note: this will look heavenly on the 'main' wall of your bathroom, ie the one where your sink is positioned.

pink, splashback, chrome, brass, pastel, baby pink, bathroom, sink

Credit: TheyAllHateUs from Pinterest

5. Make a statement
Sharing your bathroom with people who aren't – gasp – quite so pink-enthused? Limit yourself to one wall, painted in your favourite shade, whether it be pale baby pink or a deeper, more vibrant shade.

VitrA, pink, splashback, chrome, brass, pastel, baby pink, bathroom, sink, marble, feature wall, baby blue, luxury, summery, marble, stone, white,

Cocoon bath, Credit: VitrA

6. Make a statement (part II)
Alternatively, an accent wall adorned in a gorgeous printed wallpaper will add some elegantly eccentric flair to the space.

pink, flamingo, wallpaper, shabby chic,

Credit: Sanderson from Pinterest

7. Sink pink
Update your sink by picking a gorgeous installation in – you guessed it! – pink. Contrast pastels with rose gold accents; alternatively, opt for a hot fuschia shade to make the sink a talking point of the room.

Villeroy & Boc, pink, rose gold, fittings, taps, bathroom, marble, pink basin, sink

Credit: Villeroy & Boch

8. Pink up your sink
A built-in sink will look utterly exquisite in pink. Again, pair with polished precious-metal-inspired taps for a sophisticatedly swoonworthy finish.

pink sink, pastel, sink interior, vintage, Victorian, traditional,

Credit: you-cant-be-my-superman.tumblr.com from Pinterest

9. A fresh perspective
Upcycle an old cabinet with a lick of paint and install it in a cosy nook of the bathroom.

pink, vanity, desk, pastel, bathroom, copper, rustic, metro tile, subway tiles, beach, unfinished

Credit: rosesandrolltops.co.uk from Pinterest

10. Show them the door
A creamy pink door will add some effortless je ne sais quoi to your bathroom – pick a richer shade of pink rather than pastels in order to conceal smudges and dirty fingerprints.

pink, curtains, bath, tub, shabby chic, wallpaper

Credit: Brit Morin from Pinterest

11. Store it away
Don't want to do anything drastic? Opt for subtle pink accessories and décor details, such as cute pink storage jars, that will add a nod to the trend without being overbearing.

pink sink, pastel, storage, jars, glass, open storage accessories, bathroom, kitchen,

Credit: etsy.com from Pinterest

12. Go all out!
Contrarily, cover everything in pink: the walls, the floors, the fittings... Heck, maybe even hire a flamingo to stand majestically by the door.

pink bathroom, pastel, tub, sink, fittings, rose gold

Credit: us.kohler.com from Pinterest

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