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Profile: The First Ever Vipp Kitchen Is a Testament to The Brand's Ethos

Within a restored pencil factory in Copenhagen lies the stylish apartment of a creative couple
   EKBB Magazine  |  written on: 14-11-2021 10:30am

An appreciation of nature, our surroundings and a desire for simplicity and balance are just some of the ideals that the Danes have taught us, particularly when it comes to thinking about the design of our own homes. Along with family, these are the most important things in the lives of Jette Egelund, daughter of Holger Neilsen who founded the Vipp brand in the late 1930s, and her husband Mogens Dahl. On a tour of their restored pencil factory home, in the industrial harbour area of Copenhagen, you’ll discover the couple’s shared love of art and classical music. Growing up and working with industrial design, Jette has worked in her family’s business for more than 20 years and her home features one of the first Vipp kitchens ever made.

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- Owners/residents: Jette Egelund, daughter of Holger Neilsen who founded the Vipp brand in the late 1930s, and her husband Mogens Dahl

- Designer: Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer at Vipp

- Style: Minimalist, modern

- Kitchen feature: This black Vipp kitchen in an old pencil factory is somewhat special because it was one of the very first to be made. A freestanding island module with a slim 4mm solid stainless steel worktop is complemented with a tall module, both made from stainless steel and powder coated in black. A built-in sink, ovens and a large extractor make this an efficient cooking space

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“I really enjoy its functionality. I grew up in a very minimalistic home and I spent a lot of time in my father’s metal workshop in our back garden which gave me a certain fondness of things that just work and don’t have too many unnecessary details. The kitchen is easy to clean which is very practical when all of the grandkids join us when we’re cooking,” she says. The raised legs of the kitchen modules are not only in keeping with the light and airy feel of this 400 square metre, open-plan apartment but they also give it a similar appearance to a piece of freestanding furniture.

The black stainless steel powder-coated kitchen island and wall module take centre stage and are in direct connection with the rest of the living space. “We always enjoy a home-cooked meal and we eat a lot with our children and grandchildren,” says Jette of the space where she loves spending quality time.

At the other end, the living area opens up on to a terrace and large windows let in plenty of natural light. “We have installed a ‘gallery’ wall to separate the kitchen and living area from the two bedrooms and bathrooms,” explains Jette of how they’ve kept the flow of the space but also created division and privacy too. What ties this home together is the sense of everything having its own place. In true Scandinavian style, objects and furniture have been chosen for their functionality rather than materialistic value. Jette and Mogens have a home full of creativity with statement artwork, a grand piano and a piece of kitchen history which all remind them of the importance of family.

Q & A – Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer at Vipp

- This is the first Vipp kitchen ever made. Was there a lot of trial and error?
We initially co-worked with external consultants on the first draft of the design concept. Though all intentions were good, it felt wrong. So we redesigned the kitchen to fit with our own interpretation of the Vipp DNA, and along with our very skilled team of in-house engineers, the project was re-railed and everything went smoothly from there on out. The first prototype is very close to the result that we export all over the world today.

- What do you think the Vipp kitchen adds to this open space in terms of its design?
Design-wise we are always very inspired by tools and usable objects from the professional market. So the Vipp kitchen clearly echoes an industrial tool-like feeling with the raised legs and stainless steel worktop. However, as our intention was to make a kitchen that would be fit for private open-space living, we also wanted it to take on a more ‘friendly’ and furniture-like look and feel overall.

- Tell us about the design of the cooker hood.
An extractor is a significant functional asset for every kitchen, so we therefore insisted on a design inspired by professional kitchens. The extractor covers the cooking zone, where all steam rises to be captured in the square cooker hood to be directed further out into the air through either an independent outlet or recirculation. The strong system of ventilation is controlled by a custom-designed Vipp knob, and this also controls the built-in LED light fixtures too.

Credit: Anders Hviid (Images), Emma Foale (Words)

Published: As featured in EKBB Magazine, Issue 246, October 2016

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