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Must-Haves: Bathroom Lighting

Create an invigorating space to start the day in with carefully planned bathroom lighting
   EKBB Magazine  |  written on: 01-11-2021 10:00am

Fixtures such as a luxurious shower, bath and mirror are important considerations when designing your bathroom scheme, but it is the finishes such as the lighting that will really help to shape the overall feel. The good news is that with design and technology advancements, the offering of pendant and wall lights for the bathroom has increased dramatically in recent seasons, so we need no longer be restricted to simple and unimaginative spot lighting.

Dan Cook, designer at C.P. Hart, suggests separating bathroom lighting into three diverse areas to make it easier to decide what your room requires. Choose from subtle mood lighting, statement pieces and functional lights. He points out that you should think carefully about what kind of look and feel you are trying to evoke in your bathroom, for example, do you want to create a certain ambience, add decorative facets or simply incorporate efficient lighting that makes the room easier to use?

Whatever you may choose, you can now buy an array of characterful light fittings for the bathroom, made from attractive materials such as hand-blown glass, brass and polished nickel, to help you create a room that is as stylish as it is functional. Add illuminated cabinets or a chromotherapy bath that features coloured lights into the design and you’ll be well on your way to creating a bathroom with five-star hotel appeal.

1. Electric dreams
The Electric mirrored cabinet features soft close door hinges, two double-sided mirrored doors, an infrared sensor on/off switch and three height-adjustable safety glass shelves. It’s £679, from Bauhaus.

2. A glass act
These elegant Raso tall lamps from C.P. Hart are made from glass and will soften the feel in a stark white bathroom scheme. They cost £223 each.

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3. Northern lights
The Ripples Slope lampshades, £55 from Vita Copenhagen, are Nordic-inspired. Covered by silicone layer, they have an unbreakable surface.

4. Sleek strips
The classic wall lights that flank the slimline mirror are from the Laura Ashley Bathroom Collection. They’re finished in a timeless chrome finish and require a T5 8W bulb. They cost £130 each.

5. Mono moods
These wall sconces with a turned brass and chrome finish frame and oval lampshades in bi-colour plisse fabric add to the striking monochrome scheme in this bathroom. They’re £251 each, from Devon & Devon.

6. Backlit bliss
With anti-fog technology and illuminated LED element around its edge, the myDay mirror is a stylish buy. It’s £682, from Keramag.

Need to know... 

IP ratings
When working with electricity and installing lighting in a moisture-rich environment such as the bathroom, making sure it is fitted safely by an expert is key. Regulations state that the light fitting you use must have the right IP (Ingress Protection) rating. The numbers that follow the IP refer to the level of protection from moving parts, such as people, and moisture, which could come in the form of drips, sprays and submersion. The second digit in the IP rating, rated from 1-9 in terms of protection effectiveness, holds the most importance in relation to your bathroom. The bathroom can be split into four zones, from Zone 0 to Zone 3, referring to each wet area in the room, and each zone requires a light fitting with a certain IP rating. It is advisable to use a NICEIC registered electrician who will be able to recommend and install the correct lights in your bathroom.

Credit: Emily Peck (Words)
Published: As featured in EKBB Magazine, Issue 246, October 2016. Prices mentioned are at the time of publication

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