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Bathroom Safety: How to Make Your Bathroom Slip-Proof

Here's how to make your bathroom an accident-free zone
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 20-12-2021 18:25pm

Even if you aren’t the clumsiest person in the world, the bathroom is one place you’re most likely to skid. So, it is always a good idea to include some safety features to prevent those nasty slips. Here, are a few stylish ways to make your bathroom slip-proof without having it belong in a hospital.

Anti-slip floors or non-slip bath mats
If not the whole bathroom, the shower area or just outside the tub are particularly good places for anti-slip flooring. The grooves on the tiles give your feet a better grip, preventing dangerous falls. If you don’t want to go the whole nine yards with flooring, then a cheaper option is skid-free bath mats.

Tip: Pebbled tiles are high on friction and design, and can give your bathroom a nice beachy vibe.

ZigZag bath mat from Out There Interiors, Salema bath mat from Urbanara

Seating in the shower
When you think of seating in the shower, it usually conjures up images of a hospital-like setting. However, think about installing a fold-up wooden bench or a solid built-in one like you would see at a spa. While a plastic chair or stool says ‘hospital’, a wooden bench shouts out ‘spa’.

Nonsolodoccia shower from Glass 1989

Separate the dry and wet areas with a partition
With bathrooms now being more open plan, it’s a good idea to have a shower cubical or a partition between the tub/shower space and the dry areas of the bathroom. A glass partition or a shower curtain can restrict the flow of water, as well as give you another element to add style to your room.

EauZone Plus, curved shower, glass, enclosure, Matki, white, contemporary, wood

EauZone Plus curved shower enclosure from Matki

…or curb your shower area
If you don’t want or need a solid partition around your shower, it's still a good idea to design a curb around it. The curb acts as a barrier making sure the water stays put in the shower, as well as functions as a subtle visual divider.

Ensure good lighting
Good natural light in the bath will help you scope out those illusive water pools. Also, make sure there is plenty of artificial lighting for when it is dark. Apart from pendant lights, install focused lighting near the toilet and sink for better visibility. 

Bathroom by, Credit: Heather Gunn

Grab bars
Moving around in the bathroom can be a particularly difficult task, especially in accident-prone areas like when getting out of the bath. A well-placed handle here can do wonders. Kohler and Toto's ranges now allow you to pair them up with any bathroom style.

Tip: A towel rack/bar can double as a support in the bathroom.

Tip: Consider positioning the bar at a slight angle, as this makes it more comfortable when using it to get up.

Credit: from Pinterest

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Do you have more tips to make the bathroom safer? 

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