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Talentshop: Young Furniture and Homeware Designers to Watch Out For

Habitare's exhibit at Design Week puts a spotlight on four of Helsinki's promising design talents
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 21-09-2021 08:15am

Habitare's Talentshop exhibit has been a stand out at this year’s Helsinki Design Week. In its third year, the exhibition has made a name for itself when it comes to showcasing up-and-coming designers in the early stages of their careers.

Organised by Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre, the Habitare design and furniture fair is the biggest event at Helsinki Design Week. In the past, Talentshop has showcased 18 emerging furniture and homeware designers and this year they have added four more to the mix. The show has become a space where emerging talents are given the opportunity to present their work to potential manufacturers, buyers and the press. This year's designers are all based in Helsinki, but not all of them were born in Finland.

The curators, Finnish design collective Imu Design, said, “All the four exhibited designers demonstrate high-quality work and an uncompromising attitude. Each designer has their own vision and design identity, but are not yet widely recognised by the public.”

Here's a look at this year’s picks – Saija Halko, Tero Kuitunen, Erin Turkoglu and Aoi Yoshizawa.

Tero Kuitunen
This Helsinki-based designer showcased a set of red clay pots and tasselled mirrors. Focusing on the haptic aspects of design (those related to the sense of touch), his work uses a variety of materials to bring about different sensations in order to “delight, confuse and inspire the viewer”. Dubbed 'playful Scandinavian', Tero’s designs are characterised by strong colours, humour and a play on materials and forms.

Mix & Match Vase Series by Tero Kuitunen

“I am a playful and experimental hands on designer. I like haptic aspects in design that the object touches you at some level or that you’d like to touch it,” said Tero.
Instagram: @tero_kuitunen_design

Erin Turkoglu
Turkish-born, Erin Turkoglu is based in Helsinki. Inspired by experimentation and new processes, her works combine high-quality artisanship with materials and subtle colours. Working across a variety of practices and materials, her creations include tableware, textiles, small ceramic pieces and other home accessories that go with her pared-back furniture pieces.

Grey Clouds and a Bit of Sun by Erin Turkoglu

”As a designer I am a maker, story teller and probably a colourist too," she said. "I love different materials and techniques and at Aalto I have been trying out everything from textiles to plastics. It motivates and inspires me the most. At the moment, I am working on clay, such an old material but full of opportunities.”
Instagram: @erin.trk

Aoi Yoshizawa
From Japan but now based in the Finnish capital, Aoi Yoshizawa works primarily with textiles. Specialising in material, colour and surface design, her works for both, interiors and fashion, merge abstract forms and colours with moods, experiences and memories.

The collection concept RANDOM ORDER expresses a visual story for public spaces featuring structural patterns of architecture and echoing random movements of people. The final prototypes were woven at Svensson

Aoi said, ”As a designer I am drawn into different materials, colours and surfaces. In my works, like textiles or wallpapers, I merge abstract forms and colours with moods, experiences and memories. I wish to leave a handprint of my own into my work. I paint, draw and cut paper by hand instead of doing it all by computer. I appreciate craftmanship very highly. I constantly seek new ways to use it.”
Instagram: @moiaoi

Saija Halko
From the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, specialising in ceramics and glass, Saija's work centres around natural materials, such as volcanic rock, which she used to create bowls and vessels. She designs objects suited for everyday use that bring together quiet, reduced forms and high-quality materials.

JØRÐ by Saija Halko

“As a designer, I am sensitive, research-oriented and meticulous," she explained. "Ceramics as a material is very challenging, it keeps me alert. In my works, I also use volcanic ash, which I collect myself in the Faroe Islands."
Instagram: @saija.halko

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