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Must-Haves: Evolution – Kitchen Tools with Graphic Shapes

The range is not only functional but perfectly fits into any kitchen design scheme
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 20-09-2021 12:15pm

Normandy based, Evolution is the new French kitchen brand conceptualised by Vincent Le Guern and designed by Alain Gilles. Premiering at Maison et Objet fall 2017 in Paris, the brand unveiled its first collection of four innovative and easy to use products – a tart server and display stand, a carafe, a cooking thermometer and a cutting board. The material selection and clean lines not only make the range highly functional but also allow the products to fit perfectly into any kitchen scheme. Three products, in collaboration with the historic French brand Mauviel 1830 have also been given a copper finish, thus re-imagining the values of this great French house.

Three products of the range have been edited by Evolution in a copper-finish in collaboration with historic French brand Mauviel 1830

The collection is based on rich French and European culinary traditions and showcases sensual and graphic shapes while proposing extra functions to each object. For instance, All on Board is their take on a smart cutting board. An essential part of the cooking process, a chopping board sometimes doesn’t have enough space causing liquids to spill over, making the process messy. 

All on Board – smart cutting board with a built-in scoop

Taking this into consideration, All on Board includes a built-in Scoop, which can be slid along the chopping board, as well as handled as a separate unit. The sides of the Scoop make it a funnel or a juice collector, guiding food items into the pot, or the juice through its handle. Although it seems very simple and familiar, this board hides its technical secrets while fully revealing its differences.

All on Board – smart cutting board with a built-in scoop

All on Board – smart cutting board with a built-in scoop

The Undercover Carafe has been given a second skin in a very graphic manner. The neck of the product becomes the handle as it is put into focus.  

Undercover Carafe – carafe

A tart server and display stand, Madame is Served has two separate elements – a base and the plate – thus allowing a variety of presentations. For example, by flipping the base, it turns into a bowl that can hold the sauce that often accompanies a cake. The plate is conceived in such a way that it helps cut and serve equal portions of a tart thanks to small encrusted marquee.

Madame is Served – tart server and display stand

Madame is Served – tart server and display stand

Hot Stuff is a cooking thermometer with a contemporary air to its design. It has an external graphic display that you can set beforehand, so it’s easy to tell when the internal indicator reaches the desired temperature. it is fitted with a simplified, elegant dial and additional design variations.

Hot Stuff – cooking thermometer 

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   Amanda Peters
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