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5 Ways to Incorporate Beautiful Botanicals into Your Bathroom

Freshen up your bathroom in an instant with the addition of lush foliage and jungle-esque plants
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 07-08-2021 08:20am

1. Terrific terrariums
Thought you wouldn't be able to add a botanical feel to a smaller bathroom? Wrong! Incorporate the trend by displaying small metallic terrariums on window sills or clear counter spaces, filling them with ferns, spider plants or over-flowing herbal arrangements.

Tip: Ferns thrive in damp, dark places, making it ideal for the bathroom. Also, spider plants and trailing ivies do well in poor light, incase your bathroom doesn't always get direct sunlight.

Brass cage terrariums, Cube terrarium, Credit: West Elm

2. Vase clusters
Use high-low container displays to add height and interest to a cabinet top or counter surface. Whether you choose to use single-stem blooms or bubbling-over foliage, it's a no-fuss, low-key way to add some jungle-cool.

Credit: Alexander James Interior Design

3. Free-standing foliage
Bigger bathroom? Make the most of your space by showcasing a statement pot-displayed plant – make sure you maintain it correctly to keep it in bloomin' beautiful condition!

Credit: Fired Earth, Mandarin Stone

4. Up in the air
Whether you opt for suspended arrangements, securely attached to the ceiling, or a vase teetering daintily atop a stand, mid-air displays are a great way to add extra wow-factor to a larger bathroom.

Credit: Mia Fleur, Ferm Living

5. Art attack
For an idea that definitely won't need watering – look no further than pretty botanical prints! Whether you adorn your walls with one eye-catching piece of art or multiple, smaller prints in striking frames, it's a low-key way to add some luscious foliage to your bathroom.

Credit: Ross & Brown

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