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Our favourite kids feature wall ideas

Playtime with interior décor
   Hannah Caton  |  written on: 13-08-2019 17:00pm
1.       Feature walls are often big and bold and full of colour; but this one from Love Maps On... takes it a step further. It’s full of information and potential. When you’re a child you have an unbound imagination, having a gentle daily reminder of what an amazing wide world there is to explore can only be a good thing.

wallpaper,map,bedroom,colourful,world map,spacious,contemporary,modern,drawers,kids,world,children,custom,made to measure,mural,wallcovering,playroom,theme,feature
Inspiration by Love Maps On...

2.       Of course, when kids are around functionality is paramount. Any extra storage space is always useful (as it seems the number of toys just keeps magically growing day by day). Even better is a storage idea that encourages children to tidy away themselves. That’s why this wall mounted storage from Emily Henderson is on the favourite list. It’s colourful, fun and practical!

bedroom, children, bright, emily henderson, functional, versatile, classic, chair, storage, desk, contemporary, wood, wooden, rug, pink, colourful, study, artwork, art, wall mount storage, kids, kid,

3.       The terms minimalism and feature wall seem like oxymorons, but this creation from Jacinda Malloy of Hide and Sleep shows that they can work together. This fun Rhino mural is informative whilst being fun and colourful. It’s subtle but still draws the eye. Perfect for a smaller room or for one you want to keep as light and airy as possible.

bedroom, children, bright, rhino, minimalist, white, colourful, blue, patterned, white wall, cartoon, rhino, wall paint, wall mural, colourful, rug,

4.       On the other hand, if colour is the aim of the game, the Forest wallpaper by Nubie pictured below is a sure winner. Whilst it would probably overwhelm a room if it was used on all walls, it works perfectly as a feature. The mix of different colours used in the wallpaper also mean that there plenty of overall colour themes it would pair well with.

cot, baby cot, railings, side table, bedroom, children, bright, imaginative, forest wallpaper, inke helland, woodland scene, trees, deer, rabbits, nubie, tree, colourful, blue, forest, children, kids,

5.       On the most abstract and colourful end of the spectrum is the HomeStyle wall featured below. The huge range of pastel colours used make it easy to coordinate in almost any room, whilst the hot air balloons add a great whimsical tone to the mural.

bedroom, bed, green, wooden, patterned wall tilings, pednant lighting, chair,  colourful, triangles, wallpaper, balloons
Inspiration by Homestyle

If you can think of any previous KBB Ark kids room murals you preferred, we'd love to hear from you. Send us an email via this page or contact us on Facebook or Twitter. 

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