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The household butterfly effect

Your home becomes what you buy
   Steve Tough  |  written on: 31-07-2019 12:30pm

When you stop to think about it, everyday buying habits, such as the food we purchase and even our favourite tipple can actually affect those larger, less frequent buys and bigger investments such as furniture; even the design of your kitchen.

A good example is the current trend for gin drinking. Traditionally known as ‘mother’s ruin’ and distinctly uncool for many decades, gin has become the go-to alcoholic drink of choice, enjoyed by housewives and hipsters alike. In fact, sales of gin have tripled in the past decade, according to the Office for National Statistics, as us Brits get into the spirit of gin drinking. So much so that drinkers spent £461m on gin in 2018 alone.

This has had a direct impact on the rise in popularity of the home bar, and in particular, cocktail cabinets. Just as gin drinking was once not in taste, the cocktail cabinet has not always been in fashion. However, with the rise in home entertaining, staying in being the new going out and spirits now more likely to be on the drinks list than wine or beer, having a dedicated spot in the home to display and serve up your cocktails has become something of a must.

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And while the drinks trolleys and cocktail bars that were popular back in the 1950s and 1960s would have been found in the living or dining room, today’s trendier alternatives are being designed to fit seamlessly in the modern open-plan kitchen living room, bridging the gap between the two areas in style.

It’s not just what we are choosing to drink that is influencing our interior design habits either. Once those gin bottles are empty they need to go somewhere and the importance of recycling has never been greater. The Local Government Association estimates that around 23.6m tonnes of waste are produced by UK households each year, with just under half of this being recycled. With the worrying environmental effects of plastic pollution being highlighted in the news, households are becoming much more aware of the need to sort through their rubbish before sending everything to landfill and some councils are now even prepared to fine those who don’t make the effort.

[The VelaBin from The Signature Collection by Masterclass Kitchens: Featuring an efficient carbon bio filter lid that blocks any unwanted scents from escaping, which is important when food waste is being stored]

While some of the difficulty in household recycling comes with not really knowing what can and can’t be recycled, another challenge is finding a place for all the sorted waste in your kitchen before the dustmen come. For families hoping to encourage a future generation of recyclers, having an easy sorting method is important too. This has led to the rise in popularity of indoor recycling bins, with separate compartments for general waste, recyclables and food waste. These not only make the whole recycling initiative much more manageable for busy families, but it’s a trend that taps into the shift towards minimal styling and integrated storage in the kitchen too.

So next time you tackle the weekly grocery shop take a look in trolley or basket and have a think about how the small things you purchase regularly may ultimately have an influence on your bigger, long-term investments.

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Steve Tough

Steve Tough has worked in the kitchen industry for many years having worked with leading brands including Waterline. He joined Masterclass Kitchens in 2013 as Commercial Director responsible for growing the brand nationwide.