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Expert’s corner: choosing appliances that meet your personal requirements

The right choice can leave a positive, lasting impression on your day-to-day household tasks
   Steve Macdonald  |  written on: 11-06-2019 16:45pm

No kitchen is complete nowadays without state-of-the-art appliances. They are our biggest help in completing every day household tasks.

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We know it isn’t always an easy task to choose your appliances, with so many makes and models on the market, each with different technology and style points. It’s easy to get lost in mountain of information, but careful planning can deliver appliances that can leave a positive, lasting impression on your day-to-day household tasks. 

Start by formulating a plan and consider how you are currently using your kitchen. Do you like cooking? How frequently do you cook? Is yours a busy family kitchen or does it rarely see action? Have you got mountains of washing? Are you at work during the day? These are just a starter, but once you have a clear idea of how you use your appliances, you can begin to look at what would suit you most.

While style and aesthetics are important, function should remain the number one priority as appliances are work tools that are there to make life easier.  

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence has been the breakout technology over the last year, with the likes of Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home bringing it into the mainstream. It’s an area we are investing in heavily as it allows us to offer bespoke solutions to our customers that meet the demands of 21st century life.

AI,smart,connected,artificial intelligence,AI appliances,Hoover,AXI
Inspiration by Hoover Candy UK

What should be at the top of our list when deciding on which appliance to buy, is its connectivity and voice assist features. Without these, your long-life product will quickly become dated and not offer many positive benefits.

For example, our AXI fridge freezer has voice activation which has been combined with a revolutionary feature called the Inventory Coach. This allows you to speak as you unpack your shopping and it keeps track of your fridge contents and can let you know when your groceries are approaching their best-by date.

Technology that works for the way you live
Once you’ve considered how and what you need out of your appliances, it is time to understand which features are genuinely useful to you.

As we move towards a smart home, appliances that are connected can offer many benefits, including the ability to control them from outside of your home. The Hoover Wizard app allows you to control any of our AXI devices from the office or on the move, and you’ll be able to check if they have been switched on at the correct time.

smart oven,innovation,high-tech oven,high-tech cooking appliances,connected oven,
Inspiration by Hoover Candy UK

The Vision oven is a great example of how the technology can be used in day-to-day life. Save time by pre-heating the oven on the commute home from work or take advantage of the cooking recommendations, including recipes suggestions.

Auto programmes just got better
Auto programmes have developed significantly over the last 18 months, and are much more than pre-set programmes, even if they are controlled through your phone!

AI,smart,connected,artificial intelligence,AI appliances,Hoover,AXI
Inspiration by Hoover Candy UK

Having considered how washing machines can hinder household tasks, our team has developed Hoover’s Care Dose feature which automatically detects how much detergent and fabric conditioner is needed for each load. The AXI washing machine, which features this technology, holds enough detergent for up to 21 washes, so you can fill and forget, and carry on with other tasks.

Whatever you decide is important to you, be sure to research the appliance market. There is bound to be something which can cater for your needs and deliver a bespoke solution.

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Steve Macdonald

Steve Macdonald is business director for Hoover Candy’s MDA (major domestic appliances). Looking after a range of appliances, from fridge freezers to laundry models, he’s an expert on industry technology and smart home appliances

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